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Publisert 1. mai 2015


The #1 Problem In The Human Race And How To Solve It

The number one problem in the human race is that we believe that pain is love and that pain makes us good, we can’t let go of pain because we think it serves us. We become dedicated to perpetuating it and defending it within ourselves. We are convinced that if we let go of pain and go in the direction of pleasure, we will be a menace to society, we will be bad, we will be forsaken, and we will be unlovable.
We will only solve this problem within the human race if we solve it within ourselves. We can only solve it within ourselves if we are willing to recognize it and allow ourselves in our own individual lives to prioritize joy above all else, and go in the direction of joy. We will only solve this problem if we give permission to others to do the same. We really are a precious species. We hold onto and defend our pain at all costs because we think our pain makes us good and we want so badly to be good so that we can be loved. But pain and suffering is not love; it the opposite of love and pain and suffering does not make us good. In fact at the heart of every serial killer, child abuser, rapist, gang member, criminal, mass murderer and war monger is pain and suffering.
Kuan Yin’s Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel – used by permission.


Teal Swan -The Spiritual Catalyst, Speaks About Science and Spirituality, The Future and God

Lastet opp 10. mar. 2011
TEAL, The Spiritual Catalyst (psychic medium) prior to the release of her book, The Sculptor in the Sky… interview segments about science and spirituality, the higher self, God, and the future of the human race.

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Teal Swan’s Story Part 1

Publisert 30. okt. 2014


Teal Swan’s Story Part 2

Publisert 30. okt. 2014
On Your Side’s Chris Oswalt reports one woman’s claim that she endured years of ritual abuse in Idaho.


Teal Swan’s Story Part 3

Emotional Wake Up Call

Publisert 27. sep. 2014
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Teal Scott: Teal Eye’s vision in detail (Nova Zem’s interview with Teal Scott, 9th of June 2013)

I have finally found my soul love –> Teal Swan

Teal SwanAnd Me1


We are the Future Light In Together – Teal Swan And I Mean It



So now We All need your help, YOU who is also a part of our wonderful unit and collection of the total understanding of everything in this universe …


Let Teal Swan open your wondrous YOU


I know you take the time to process and maintain all your precious items that you have around you ….
so now I ask YOU ….. kneeling in front of you….
you can set one hour each day …..
or one hour a week …. or even worse one hour in the month….The MAIN IS… THAT YOU FIND YOURSELF …
YOU’ll thank yourself that you did….
And Our Earth needs Just YOUR posetive point ….
Hurry Slowly….
For What You’ll Find Will Give You Life’s Beauty and Joy…. So enjoy it …


The First You Beginner With Is To Find The video Suit You



Teal Swan’s YouTube VIDEO’S


Do This For Us All And When You Find Your Real Self….
Me And Teal Swan will Like To Know…. So Send Us A Email Or Contact Us True
“Teal Eye”s Website.



Interview With Teal Scott ~ Inner Balance TV~Dwaine Hartman

Publisert 7. jun. 2012
Inner Balance TV
Teal’s Book


Conversations With Teal Scott 2

Publisert 12. jul. 2012
Inner Balance …Hypnotherapy Training


Interview With Teal Scott #3

Publisert 23. aug. 2012


Interview With Teal Scott #4

Publisert 28. sep. 2012


Interview With Teal Scott #5

Publisert 15. nov. 2012



Her Is My First Letter To Teal Swan

I Hope It Is A Nice First Letter 🙂 Think Of It… And Tell Me YES or NO
You just need to make you an opinion on it…(and please help me with My English Writing skills 🙂 . So… YES Or NO


My Dearest Teal Swan, I Come To This World To Help You…



I Have A Lot Of Skills That I Know You Are In Need Of…
And The Time To Find You Have Been Longer The long…
So It Is Deep From My Harth…. I Tell….
At Last…

I’ve already got two hugs of you that are not only written into history, but also has drilled into every chromosome … and though that my wish is …. that never in this lifetime or any other , will pass away …. hold my love an endless quest for once … to know your vicinity … Recognize your arms sling around me … that will send us into an infinite love intoxication .. .. that this world with us feel … through an army revival for our total interest played … When Cern gets read by the result it will never ever be started up again … for even their hunger for power at least even a small love fusion through connector become a laughingstock. So Let our common game be collected, so that the earth love eventually blossoms, and our hearts regains control.

I have A Lot Of Ideas About Teal Eye LLC and what kind of product to start with… But It Is Just 7 days since I saw Your First Youtube video.. and since then I have gone true 47 Of them…. And It pleace me so… that At Last There Are A Clean Voice Out There…

I Do Put up the Photo Of Us On My Site… I Hope You Like It
If Not Let me Know

Her Is The Site

Looking forward to live a life within you as one…
and Get The Universe To Se What A what a boundless beauty that you … have the choice of life on our earth … before we get into everyone’s common interest intellect to shape this wondrous Mother Earth for the best planet in this universe ….<br< It was all takers on was well that the earth came to ruining itself …. and was the smallest of the smallest but so fascinating… Should be a paradise for playful souls. Where love will originate in close contact 3.dimensjon … And bodies shelves out of their own skins of enjoyment that can be tilhverandre … And how ribbon tied to a common closet that no planets have ever seen its like …. where families are fighting for a common cause, to be the best to put his other I … the love that truly benefits everyone ….

Dearly Love From YOU To Yourself
Geir AMdal
I Trully LOVE You In All Of My Dimentions, and for All Your Elections… 🙂

So Ones More… Think Of It… And Tell Me YES or NO
You just need to make you an opinion on it…(and please help me with My English Writing skills 🙂 . So… YES Or NO

Teal Swan

Teal SwanTeal Swan, known to many as ‘The Spiritual Catalyst’ or the ‘Giggling Guide’ was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico on June 16th 1984. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance. Despite her young age, Teal is no stranger to extreme adverse circumstances. During her childhood Teal’s parents (who were both Wilderness Rangers), accepted a job in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest of Utah, unaware of the intensely religious climate of the location. Word of Teal’s unusual abilities got out and were not only frowned upon, but were also feared by many in the local religious community. Teal’s abilities attracted the attention of a family acquaintance who unbeknownst to Teal’s family was struggling with dissociative identity disorder and sociopathy.

When Teal was just six years old, the family acquaintance inducted her into a local cult, and Teal was ritualistically and sexually tortured for a period of thirteen years. Teal managed to escape from the cult when she was nineteen and began her process of recovery and transformation. Since her escape, Teal has become an internationally recognized spiritual leader and a powerful new voice in the field of metaphysics. She now travels the world as a spiritual luminary, using her abilities to remind people of the united, energetic nature of this universe and teaching people how to find bliss in the midst of even the most difficult challenges.

In 2012 Teal founded Teal Eye LLC. Along with an accompanying non-profit called Headway Foundation. The aim of both companies is to catalyze positive world change. The companies will achieve this by investing in programs, organizations and products that will revolutionize societal systems in many areas including justice, technology, education, agriculture and health care. Teal’s vision is to enable everyone on earth to live free, joyous and healthy lives and she is determined to make that vision a reality.

Book: The Sculptor in the Sky


YouTube Channel: TheSpiritualCatalyst

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