Steve Quayle intervjue with Hagmann & Hagmann Report

– Where Are The Believers –

When a man like Steve Quayle give you a thought…. you just have to think true what, how and where are you from looking true Jesus eyes… And that is not something you just have the possibility to push under the carpet…

Steve Quayle and Hagmann and his believer son are people that are going the extra mile for us all…. so I don’t know if we ever are given the possibility to thank them, the day that we are prepared and have the understanding of when the “Elite”  start to bring the “World Order” in for the final landing…  I hope so and sending them in this moment a true scream of a pray…. and I am sure it goes to the end of this world…. and I pray “that the words will go in eco to the end of time, and in the same time it take for the real and clean God’s communication that evil, demons, ore other bad spirits”…. Amen…. Hallelujah… God Can Give You All….

I don’t know if you have thought of going to the special conference with all the best and well known researchers about the Bible and all the histories that comes from all kind of people to manipulative or have some real facts to put on the table…. They find out and use there time so we all can just sit back and listen ore watch videos…… and take Your own decision on what YOU want to believe….. from your own secured area of your favorite stressless chair….. So send them a PRAYER that will never end…. 🙂

check out The new book from Tom Horn “Blood on the alter” haa haa …. it’s not finish yet… but it comes soon… You maybe find something if you search for it…. 

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