Greatest Decision Stands For Door – Let Politicians Ravage For Them Self – Specialist Valery Uvarov And Sandra Daroy Tells Us Why

Published on Feb 11, 2016

Politicians have shown shown us all too long now. The only thing they are good at is telling us one lie after another. If we are to have any chance to have our mother earth longer than a further 10 years, we must view the universe and their observers that we can reach agreement globally without thoughts on borders

With thanks to guest host Sandra Daroy’s mother, we have a special series with Russia’s UFO and ancient history’s specialist Valery Uvarov, via Skype. This is part one of a series.
Involves explosive concepts and the ancient civilization’s existing technology in operation.
Valery Uvarov’s blog site is:-

Bases 56 Valery Uvarov part 2

Published on Feb 14, 2016

Our World’s Greatest Decision Stands For Door – Let Politicians Ravage For Them Self

The second interview with Valery Uvarov, in Saint-Petersberg, Russia. This now concentrates on the Earth Defense System, a subtle (non-local or physical) Ancient Weapons system that has been in use frequently in the last 10010 years. First known use was Tungusta. The Russians have disclosed to their people, while the West, particularly the United States keeps everyone in the dark. Setting politics and the now Cold War with the US and Russia, Valery describes the existence of a Dimensional Time space corridor device, the Americans are due to turn on. He issues Stark warnings that if this is weaponized, 100%, that is 100% of the United Sates faces total destruction.

Valery is also the author of a major book on The Wands of Horus. He has a 2nd book, now translated into English, but awaiting publication in the west.
With thanks to Bases guest interviewer, Sandra Daroy, who sourced, researched and got Valery to agree to speak to Bases. As a film maker, with her first film Walk In Case (See Facebook), she is also a Targeted Individual

We extend gratitude to Valery to take the time and patience during what were “targeted” interviews, very late in the day for him in Russia, which involved the studio dropping to freezing.temperatures during the final half of this hour.

Bases 56 Valery Uvarov Part 3

Published on Feb 14, 2016

Valery gives a brief discussion on The Wands of Horus, and the radically new and highly progressive and open UFO situation in Russia, also discussing free energy systems.

Valery Uvarov gives a 3rd interview to Bases, with thanks to guest interviewer, Sandra Daroy, a TI and film maker based in Estonia and London These interviews suffered severe technical issues and targeting. With apologies for severe sound interference.

With thanks to Valery Uvarov for his focus and great wisdom and positive progressive thoughts and his meeting with an ET, and how to understand how they scan you on first contact. A highly positive and enlightening series of discussion.
Sandra is a movie maker, producer, director and actress . Her first ‘zero budget’ movie “walk in case” cam e runner up in the Film Festival 2015­610/?ref=notif¬if_t=page_user_activit­y

Bases 57 Gabe Cruz TI Part One – What The Haarp can do

Published on Feb 13, 2016

He knows everything there is to know about cellular sites and their function. Now, he is a Targeted Individual, he is Gang Stalked and has left the industry. This involves the Bees, Insect intelligence, the Hive Mind.

An Actual Cellphone Tower Designer and Builder from the Pacific North West. Gabe Cruz, is a Genius Level IQ and part of the T.A.G. (Talented and Gifted) program. He is a Career Radio Frequency Engineer, and has worked for 3 of the top wireless companies in the US. Gabe has corresponded with Robert Duncan, and other Bases witnesses. We have a Serious Problem that requires URGENT understanding.

This Bases was recorded with both of us being “mind hacked” to prevent us from thinking straight. (as happened to Sandra Daroy myself in Bases 56 Valery Uvarov)
What on earth would such a brilliant man leave this brilliant industry for? He has found out things that are horrific and of an urgent need for us to know.
In my personal career in brodcasting, I saw terrifying things at Sky Television, and the BBC, and the key to this was a Insectoid intelliegence. Scuttlers, BIG Spiders. Mind Control… and now after so many years Bases finally has a highly technical witness who can tell you us what I have known for decades.

This witness is of such extreme importance. It comes in a week when a new hyper intelligent system is coming into being, as the son of my dearest friend now, is at a premier hyper intelligent computer network company. (names and types witheld) And at the time of recording (late Feb 2016) the very company I put 21 years of my lfe into with such dedication is in free fall collapse, and most of the remaining team I worked with are being laid off. (This is due to that company’s violation of the Intelligence Transfer Sequence, ITS)

Gabe Cruz, now describes an “Insect Intelligence”, and how he began to feel very ill to the point he simply could not do his job anymore. Something I felt, when I was faced when I was to work at the BBC’s very hub of control, the central London MCR, “Master Control Room”

We have an absolute and most vitally importnat Urgent situation to understand here. Pater Paget in the British UFO Disclosure Briefing in August 2015, mentioned how the Computer Technology we are currently using is a Trojan Horse.(Donated at Roswell, toi put us off track, and develop a cyborg consciousness that is taking us over at every level)

Downloads from from a “Kah Codex”. Gabe has expereinced identical download experiences that Lisa Williams had in 1999 (Bases 1 2, and 9). Including the symptoms as explained.
Here Gabe will desribe what the Trojan Horse is.

As a matter of urgency, fighting extreme fatigue, I got this first hour with Gabe, at 2-30 in the morning, a couple of days ago.

Digital Technology is a Consciousness Weapon. The Cellphones and related Technoloy is an alien Intelligence Weapons platform. We MUST understand what is involved. We Do Not Have Much NOW left.

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