As Hope And Promise Fade – Let Me Help… How To Manage The Last Times… With The Beauty Of The Earth And You

What should we do

Throw away your intellect -> Go Into Your Heart and go … you will find … a beautiful hope that you will bring life …. chair only at this on your way …. and you will be able to resist everything that gets in your way .. For the only certainty is you already given … so in yourself you are the union will win … your safe journey to the eternal deity celestial.

Without your quest you will never find your potential in this world that eternity will bring … but easily it can be done … if your heart you want … To ask for permission and you will find ….

The time has come where we can all turn around … we can waste the head … and faith in our word inside… which is stored in the cardiac entirety and marvel … for more buty in the universe a whole does not exist … and YOU walk around with it without remembering … then open it up in its entirety … and search your real roots … you never again will need to fear …. whatever you before you will master … Must GOD watch over you through all torment to torment … for goodness in you, we will not lose even if the shit gets away … then this is the right thing. Bless You

Geir AMdal

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