– CHAPTER ONE -Mannequin

My name is Michael James Casbolt. The following is my life and witness. I was born in London in 1976. I was elected by an intelligence agency mind control and genetic enhancement program before my birth and was born in the program known as Project Mannequin. This project is one of the most secret and classified projects in this country, and this is the first book written about it.



I was born in the project due to rare genetic attributes that I own, which drivers seeking project – also, because my family’s participation in the intelligence community and the Illuminati. My family descends from the French royal family of the French Revolution on the side of my father. My grandfather was involved in naval intelligence in World War II. His name was James Casbolt. He was also a senior member of the Grand Masonic lodge in Berkshire Sindlesham.

Berkshire is a major center of activity in the UK for what has become known as “The New World Order”.





He was a Zionist Jew and also heavily involved with Rupert Murdoch and operated his own printing company itself after the war. My uncle was an operative MI 5 logistics – His name is Brain Casbolt – and my father was an operative MI 6, and his name was Peter Casbolt. My father was also known by many different aliases in the intelligence community.

My stepfather, Neil Pettet, he was a senior executive of a company called aluminum metal Hi-Mets (now called Service Metals). This company was based in Newbury, almost directly on top of the installation of AL / 499. Neil had a military defense agreement with the Ministry of Defense and worked underground in Germany (¿R.A.F.?) Welford is connected underground to the AL / 499.


He also worked at Harwell genetics labs in the area and the military unit Boscombe Down in Wiltshire. Both locations are closely related to Project Mannequin, as we shall see later in this book.

Also I have a relationship called Charles Casbolt. Charles had so many kills during dogfights in the RAF. during the time of World War II, There is a web site dedicated to war heroes him on the Internet. Look for “Charles Casbolt” in Google to see this. My father was involved in operations of international drug trafficking, bringing millions of pounds of illegal drugs into Britain from the 60s.


He worked with partners operating MI 6 Howard Marks and operated in Rome, Spain, Middle East and elsewhere. The MI6 and the CIA have become infamous for this, and drug money is known in intelligence circles as “non-appropriated funds.” This money funded covert projects that must be kept out of certain government records. Many of these issues, as well as my involvement in Project Mannequin, will be made public for the first time in this book.

I have had constant death threats, and even intelligence people die in very suspicious circumstances hours before meetings organized with me, however, the mission of getting this highly confidential information to the public and exposure of people who perpetuate the horrors of this medical project is bigger than me and should be made public. The disregard for human life and suffering compared to the ‘genetic experimentation and mind control Nazi scientists during World War II.











Project Mannequin is a program of mind control and genetic manipulation led by the National Security Agency (NSA). Although the NSA is officially the US government, they operate many “black projects” in many countries around the world. The NSA is becoming the world’s most powerful secret service and are currently taking much of the global intelligence apparatus.

The Mannequin Project was initiated in 1972 and still is being executed from an underground installation of 6-levels, below the small town of Peasemore in Berkshire, a few miles from where I grew up. This underground base is so secret that local residents Peasmore are not even aware that there.

This installation of the NSA, known in intelligence circles as the basis AL / 499, is located at 200 meters below the village.

There are entrances to the facility:

Greenham Common (known as “entry ‘Bravo’, which is now sealed)

Watchfield University of Military Sciences (entry ‘Delta’)

Harwell Laboratory in Oxfordshire

No entries to the base in Lambourne and Welford in Berkshire

The underground base is Lambourne “Area 51″ UK with many exotic aircraft, anti-gravity stored there.






The project involves the abduction of civilians as well as certain persons intelligence and military. Some intelligence personnel and military personnel have volunteered for the project, but many do not. Almost all civil “guinea pigs” have not been offered and have been used against their will. I went “sold” the project. Many civilians have also been used in the project from very small.





The reason is to create agents “Sleeping” programmed using hypnosis based on a sophisticated electronic hardware. These individuals are programmed by the NSA to conduct future tasks, established by the NSA, become killers as adults. The sleepers are people who perform a variety of pre-programmed tasks, sometimes with little awareness of medical procedures in Project Mannequin because of advanced memory erasure techniques.

A large part of the project focuses on creating espionage agents and murderers who have undergone genetic enhancements, which will be discussed in greater detail in this book.








Project Mannequin is actually a kind of “school” where I grew up. I have been trained since the age of five in the AL / 499 and other military bases around the UK. I conducted my first undercover intelligence community for murder when he was sixteen, en Brighton. This may seem unbelievable to many people, but a lot of evidence will be presented in this book. Most people do not know what the intelligence community really is. Forget James Bond films, most of the apparatus of the secret service in the UK and the US. is a hidden network of pedophiles directed by factions of corruption in grades “Illuminati” Freemasonry (degree 33 and higher.

Everything in Project Mannequin is organized by the Jewish Kabbalah hidden system, using as esoteric methods as numerology and Archaeometry ( Advanced remote viewing). Even the name James Casbolt means “brave, decorated warrior of death and destruction” in Kabbalah Numerology. You can check this on the calculator Kabbalah (mascot Calculator) Internet Available.

My security number in Project Mannequin is X4566-2, and was commander of a unit 5 members consisted of four men and one woman.

Even this was based around the cabal, as five members, each representing one of the five elements – air, water, fire, land, metal / spirit. Our assassination unit was part of a team “Delta” 5 Member, and the team was divided into three units. Each unit comprised of four men and a woman. I was known as Commander Miguel Prince.

During my “views” the AL / 499 throughout my life, I was taken through the Greenham common Bravo entrance most of the time. Sometimes, were used for other posts. The Alfa entry into the Harwell laboratory, There is a security zone in one of the buildings. This security zone (A) It is guarded by two security officers are armed. In this area there is an elevator descending 200 foot safety zone B. The lift has two sections: one for staff and guinea pigs and one for vehicles. The second security area is larger and has four, and sometimes five staff who are fully armed.

Area B has two high security doors that seal the tunnel to the AL / 499 in case of an emergency. Security Area B has two operational vehicles traveling back and forth between Harwell and Peasmore. Security officers escort all guinea pigs, to, from and around the AL / 499. Doctors subjects are drugged when they enter the facility.

My involvement with the intelligence community goes back to years, as scheduled, for, as a child in Project Mannequin was to be “utilized” as an agent of espionage when he grew. At the time I was eighteen, was involved in advanced remote viewing programs in an underground facility in London. By the time I was nineteen, I was involved in covert operations MI6 drug trafficking, working for my father.

This was in London between 1995 and 1999. My father, uncle and grandfather also had mind control issues and programming sites in this country, where my father was scheduled, which will also be discussed in this book.

Mind control operations run by intelligence are usually multi-generational issues, increasingly being easily programmable generation, as the genetic memory of the most horrific medical procedures become more ingrained in the genetic composition of the family. In the early 1950, a study of genetic lineage was initiated by the NSA, based on the Harwell Laboratories to find suitable candidates, especially children, que serían utilizados en el Proyecto Mannequin. From this study, the project began in 1972, however, my family could have been mind control before the decade 1950.












The NSA is very interested in creating genetically enhanced murderers and espionage agents who have certain inborn genetic traits as PSI / psychic abilities. These methods of genetic improvements are a continuation of the work of geneticists and mind control Nazi doctors during World War II.

As many people know, the Nazis were very occult, and Hitler was trying to create their “Superman”, Superman. This is a genetically enhanced soldier with heightened senses, intelligence, strength and paranormal abilities such as telepathy. All this is discussed in detail in Chapter Two.






The NSA is looking for people of certain lineages, and these people are mainly of Celtic genetic / blue blood (aristocratic). People with these gene have a genetic predisposition to the paranormal or PSI capacity, since these cultures have practiced psychic abilities for generations, in ancient rituals that have their modern expression in Freemasonry, thus, this is in the genetic memory of the people of these lineages, although they have not practiced for themselves psychic abilities.

There are generations of high-level Freemasonry in my family. Individuals of Celtic blue blood lines have Rh negative blood factor. This is a very rare blood type and accounts for approximately 5% population. Rh negative means that oxygen in the blood is processed differently than individuals with Rh-positive blood. The amount of oxygen processed by the body makes all the difference in unusual abilities. This is evident in the arts such as Tai Chi and Yoga.








There are deeper issues, connecting with old assumptions “Nefilim” Bible.

My mother’s father was a French aristocrat named Vera Tilard. There are generations of high-level Freemasonry family De Tilard. The family line then passed through Scotland, this country. The Tilard have a coat of arms that is transmitted through the generations to the eldest son.






Therefore, My involvement with the global intelligence apparatus has been extensive. When I started to disentangle the project, I went directly helped by renegade factions of British intelligence and the NSA, they want to see closed Project Mannequin. I got a security clearance UMBRA-1 (a level above top secret) by this faction of the NSA and interrogated about the deeper aspects of the program and things that changed my life.

Because what I was told and showed, never be the same again. Most of what is detailed in the book, and various official documents that have my name and number will also be included. There are factions, both positive and negative on the NSA and British intelligence involved in an internal war with each other. In fact, entire global intelligence community has descended into chaos because of continued infighting between rival factions, often in the same organizations.

I also got some technology that was created by the NSA in the early 1960, opening neural pathways in the brain to recover memories that have been suppressed in mind control projects. Among other things, has given me a highly classified documents that teaches control their own brain waves, and dominate and take control of yourself instead of the project is to control one.







Brainwave control is an important part Project Mannequin, and people getting rid of it need to be able to control their own brain waves. These methods of self-control I have taught are similar to the very advanced meditation, but using advanced machines created by doctors and physical bio-physical.

I have thirty-one years, and around this age, neural pathways in the brain that have memories of mind control procedures often begin to open, and the victim begins to remember in detail what happened at the facility where the procedure occurred. Often, a sleeping child is killed before their 30 years because of this. This is known in intelligence circles as “being thrown from the Freedom Train”.

Freedom Train is code language for the huge number of civilian casualties that are being used in many mind control projects in this country and abroad.






Specific “programs” that contain instructions for tasks, and even improved skills, are installed in the memories of the victims of Project Mannequin “. The project, things like how to access PSI ability and how to “tag” a room are taught, a person, vehicle, etc., Advanced combat, crowd control, psychological warfare, torture and interrogation techniques, etc..

This information is stored in compartments in my mind, and that only the project managers have access, and could bring forth hypnotics using detonating.








That was until my memories began to return in detail in 2006, and amnesia barriers around these compartments began to decompose. With the right help and my efforts to de-programming, I slowly accessing more and more of this information.




At least five Mannequin programs and lots of sub-projects have been discovered in me. These have been installed in me and fall in Greek letters, which is also the name of specific brain waves. For example, Alfa, Beta, Delta, Range, Teta and Omega. The tit program is a PSI / telepathy program that enables me physically see Scalar sound waves based on radio. I can also manipulate these sound waves with my mind. The most important technology that uses the intelligence community is the scalar / radio that is based on sound. Therefore, We can imagine how important this ability in an individual involved in espionage.

The brain has the capacity to receive, issue and handling radio waves.

If you hold a glass or shell to her ear, whistle sound like static electricity (as the sound of air rushing) glass or is acting as a container shell and “capturing” Sound waves radio that the brain is evolving. The brain has a telepathic receiver and transmitter that uses sound waves. In fact, thoughts are simply scalar sound waves that most people can not see, but they are very real.

Therefore “Full”patio, “Full”view, and” “Tele “phones.





I have photos to be displayed in this book about me manipulating scalar / radio waves. It is possible to capture in a digital camera. Imagine my surprise last year when the parts of my brain containing the PSI capacity of the project began to integrate with my everyday personality.

I was seeing light waves emanating from the heads of people, antennas houses and cars, and mobile phone masts. I thought I was going crazy until one of my friends explained what it was and showed me how you can take pictures of these radio waves. It’s a strange thing to describe. Sound waves look like someone has thrown a stone in a pond, and waves are coming in circles and waves.

From my understanding, sound is the secret of life, Doctors and scientists working for the NSA know it well. That is why in advanced physics which is kept so secret and out of the public domain.

Has recently released a movie called The Secret, which states that a person can create the reality around them using their thoughts.

Cuando vi la película, inmediatamente me di cuenta esto era la física suavizada que la NSA me había enseñado en el pasado. He hecho cosas en el último año como sacarme información de millones de personas a través de programas de radio, revistas y el Internet con los métodos que me enseñaron de esta célula positiva en la NSA.Ellos llaman a esto MPO (Manifiesta Producción de Observador) y LERM (Matriz de Realidad Codificada por Luz).

Sin entrar en la arenosa jerga técnica, LERM is based on the integrated operation of the three major organs in the body:

the complex of the cerebral cortex (including the ancient reptilian brains, mammal, and necrotic)


Brain or visceral enteric

LERM taught to initiates of the highest levels of Freemasonry, and the people of the NSA. It’s pretty simple once decoded, and people who understand it can, actually, manifest your desires soon.

This seems like magic to the uninitiated, but also television and radio waves will appear to the person a couple of hundred years ago. This secret technology is years more advanced than anything in the public domain and is science that developed in the underground facilities of the NSA in Pine Gap, Australia, and elsewhere.

I’ll be putting some of these documents NSA physics in this book, so you can learn to do it too, although certain features not want this information out.

These documents point to the existing pure consciousness as pure sound at a frequency or higher dimension, but more on that later.

Other Mannequin programs that have been installed in me are known as “Janus / End Times”. Janus is sleeping a program that is activated when major events occur, as 9-11 and plan to come of martial law in America, which some researchers refer to as the New World Order.

Janus is the Roman god with two heads, change. In fact, I am against time to be deprogrammed before they start to happen scheduled events, as martial law in America. If I do not deprogrammed in time, could be “utilized” by certain factions in the global intelligence community, to advance their agendas.

Private Private security companies are installing now established in the UK, by agents programmed and connected with organized crime members, to lead the country when the police can not control the chaos. Companies such as Noonan Security in Manchester by Mr. crime in Manchester, lord Dominic Noonan Noonan family of criminals.

Sorry for your recent loss, when he was killed his brother, but big things are planned for these types of militia groups “militia”. A friend of mine who was Secret Service, and to whom I will refer as Carl, I was even in the process of establishing one in Cornwall with ex-murderers for hire on the payroll.

He asked if I was interested and said he was recently in the Middle East ensuring the financing of the Zionists in Israel.

I know of other genetically enhanced men who have had millions of pounds and dollars spent on them procedures. Some of their stories will be presented in this book. Some of these people have not been “used” publicly yet and are “on ice” hoping that their programs are activated Janus. I recently sent intelligence regarding a man of nineteen years who recently disappeared in the US. after breaking his programming.

Turns out he has many of the programs mentioned NSA installed on it. I read their reports of their sessions deprogramming, and he is among a growing number of people have approached me out of similar projects. I hypnotic commands that have been installed in me, command calls Wernick. These I were given to me in a drug and in a state of electro-shock when I was mesmerized within the project.




dulce base scenes







Some of these commands Wernicks, on me by the doctors of the NSA, its:

“This is not happening”

“Never speak of this or people will think you are crazy”

“If you talk about it, people hate it”

“All this is a dream”

“This is a film”

“If you start to remember will have a panic attack”

“If you start to remember you will die”

Mind control is just that: full control over the mind of an individual so it can be driven to do anything handlers instruct.

These programs can be activated by hypnotic triggers, such as key words and phrases, and patterns with certain and long radio waves that activate tiny microchips injected into the body. There are pictures of some of these chips in this book. The implant skull had in 1988, when I was eleven, It was an old device series “Tetra”. Now I have improved, but said the name of the piece of hardware.

While the hypnotic trigger is in the correct sequence, the sleeper may be turned. Sleeper agents can be enabled through the phone tasks, also.

The following is a procedure used by Project Mannequin to set tasks and load data into the cranial implants that have been installed on victims of projects – this is done through a computer in the AL / 499. Pre-programmed tasks for sleepers have been installed within the foundations of computer security computer years, since the project has a “life plan” for individuals to advance their agenda.

This information was given to me by Barry King, a former security AL / 499.

The security team is based telephone numbers of individuals and mark.

Suppose the person answers the phone … “Hello”

The base computer, then, check the template Voice, if you agree, then continues.

A code of electrical signal is sent by the telephone line to activate the microchip inside the individual’s body. Once this happens, the person is hypnotized and in a trance. A code is then transmitted through the phone. This is an example of a real code Mannequin: “Lime, one, one, seven, two, well done, Mike, xxxx”.

The individual expects additional codes and instructions.

A second electrical signal is sent through the telephone line, followed by the rest of the code: “The puppets are mobile, and we who move threads”.

The individual is already fully prepared and ready to receive or send data and receive job details.

If someone answers the phone and the computer base security does not recognize the voiceprint of that person, then the call is terminated. If a telephone answering machine again, the call is immediately completed.

Como he dicho, you may be given the task of doing anything, so it is very important to be deprogrammed. This is not easy, however, because when a programming layer is discovered, another is usually below it. It can take years to remove the layers, since many programs are present.

The White Tiger program is a program that uses combat martial arts, and automatically activates if they feel threatened. I have been practicing martial arts since I was six years, because my mother forced me to go to Karate when I was a child. In Project Mannequin, if a family is being used, then all immediate family will also – lesser degree than the target person. This is a security method, otherwise close relatives would realize that something is very wrong with the specific person and begin to investigate.

I have a 9th grade Kyu in Karate Shotakan, a 6th Kup in Tae Kwon Do, and I have years of experience in boxing, kickboxing, Kung-Fu and by training in many clubs in Reading and Cornwall. I also fought a French kickboxing champion in Coventry, in years 90, which have in film, and I have the best of senior champions Boxing and Judo also in film, sessions in full contact sparring.

In a sparring session in 1998 when I was twenty-one, I threw and solidly connected with four hits in just over one second. I have this on video and I’ll be putting together with other images in my website.

There are many different types of agents in Project Mannequin, with different types of skills. They are what are known as type A and type B, for example.

Type A is a genetically improved human, designed for combat with espionage capabilities.

Type B is designed for espionage, with combat capabilities.

I am a B type in the project.

One of the earliest childhood memories I have of the base was as follows: (I was drugged at the time and the memory is still very confusing.)

When we arrived, I was taken to the lab and I grabbed a chair that looked like a dentist’s chair. There was a large screen in front of me, and they injected me with another drug – Later I found out the name of the drug. It is a drug for accelerated learning called scopolamine. It is also used another drug called Dythenol C.

A man was standing to the left of the chair, and another man right. Both were dressed in lab coats.

The man on the right said:

“If you forget everything we said, try to remember one thing: He will try to convince you that the pain feels like pleasure.”

He pointed to another man when she said this. Images began to appear on the screen in front of me, and I remember nothing after that.

I managed to find a man named Barry King, who was a former security guard at the underground base AL / 499, and went to visit him at his home in Essex. Barry showed me a diagram of these seats programming, to which is referred to as NSA “seat-of-trip”. A copy of the diagram Seat Travel Barry is in this book.

I had never heard of this way the seat before acquainted with this man. The diagram showed me exactly how I remember where I was scheduled seat. There are banks of computer to the front and rear seat travel, and a control console in a room in the back and left seat travel. Two posts, where programmers feel, are in this room.

This security officer witnessed many strange things I saw in Project Mannequin. No less important, small “bio-robots” soldiers who are part machine and part organic, known as PVP / Programmable Life Forms). These are short authorities, gray color, used for many in the project. Develop in the FVP 3 stages, and each stage has its own section in the base.

There are up 500 once stored, and are used in the AL / 499 and sent to different military bases in this country and abroad. The development between stages is fast and is approximately 3 months. Depending on the use made of the FVP, have 3 fingers and thumb, and some have 4 fingers and thumb. Once more, Barry King sketches of the FVP are provided in this book, and storage areas.

At many points in the project, I suffered intense and terrible torture known as ” investments pain- pleasure.” This played an important role in mental control and procedures clear memory. This will be discussed in greater detail, and reasons will be drawn.

Because of this, tengo partes de mi mente que estánenterradas en vidaen mi subconsciente. This, junto con el hecho de que los procedimientos se produjeron bajo tierra, es la razón para el título de este libro. Los recuerdos que he descubierto sobre mi parte en el proyecto son sólo la punta del iceberg.

However, time, esfuerzo y trabajo con los profesionales adecuados que se especializan en la desprogramación del control mental, voy a ser capaz de juntar las piezas de mi vida.

My motivation for doing this is to eventually be part of Project Mannequin closing and exposing the NSA personnel who are involved in this horrific genetic experiments and mind control.

I offered me to volunteer for this, and people leading the project, such as,

Mr. Whitmore (former head of the project) with code name of “Sentinel”

Mr. Samms (security chief)

Mr. Hodge

Dr. Pearson

Dr. Perchowski

Comandante Clavius

Comandante Breaker,

… and the new generation of scientists, medical and torturers, They pay dearly.

Formas de vida extraterrestre


The reason why this book is the first of its kind because, with my testimony, including official letters of recommendation and verification of high-level operational intelligence community. One of these men is a member of Grade 33 Zion Illuminati. Umbra-8 has a (eight levels above top secret), security clearance for the NSA and DOE (Department of Energy), only five hundred people in the US. argue, and works in various military bases in Tennessee.

I am considered a military genius (His words not mine) by some members of the intelligence for my high level of accuracy in remote viewing vectors. I recently completed an RV work for Lincoln (my contact Illuminati) and a section of British intelligence.

My intention was fixed vector in two places:

The NSA headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland,

An underground facility in Oak Ridge, North Carolina,

Both sessions were confirmed as accurate by the community of black Oeraciones, and referred to in the letter Lincoln.

Other recent sessions RV receiving feedback as very accurate include,

An installation of NATO underwater, on the coast of Corfu in Greece

The underground installation of bio-genetic ‘Chrysanthemum’ Dulce, New Mexico

Even with high security clearance Lincoln, has encountered a brick wall when trying to access files from my Project Mannequin.

The personal details of my Mannequin files are so highly classified, documents are “CLASS-8 ‘, meaning that can not be accessed in the database of the NSA and must be collected or read on paper by hand – operating must have had a great need to know.

My files are stored in secure facilities of the NSA in Ashburton, Devon, UK, en Fort Meade en Maryland, and a facility in Utah. Umbra Umbra My files are stored at a facility in Linville, North Carolina. The remote viewing session I conducted for British intelligence was really the vault at Fort Meade, where are stored the CLASS-8 files.

This vault contains so advanced hardware that can detect distance remote viewers who enter by small fluctuations in the air and then quenched with scalar wave electro-magnetic. A small number of my files have been located by an NSA agent, I refer to quien como “Sylus”, and I were given to me and the faction of British intelligence with which I am involved.

This man is deeply rooted in Project Mannequin same, but can not access more than half of my files.

This man is deeply engaged with the project. The people running the installation AL / 499 in Berkshire and connected underground bases are a hard military regime that is ultimately, a religious cult centered around corrupt Zionists and Rosicrucians. These places are where so-called religious centers “black magic rites “are held, ancient deities are worshiped, and children are trained and slaughtered.

As a former member of the Illuminati Leo Zagami, the “Black magic” (control of electromagnetic energy to harm) It is the oldest form of military technique known to man.

We are told in the media mainstream children in countries’ non-civilized’ as Burma, Africa and South America are forced to join the army and kill for your country. Good, guess what, people, This same situation occurs right here, in the UK and the US. – You simply not informed about.

This situation is slowly changing with people like Cathy O’Brian, Duncan O’Finioan, But Andy, ‘Download’, Cisco Wheeler, and others who come forward, that were used by their governments for covert operations and trained from a very young age. These people are all US, however, and the situation in this country is that Barry King and I are the only survivors talking about black projects in the UK

I considered the youngest survivor of mind control projects in modern history. To understand Project Mannequin, must obtain a basic understanding of the belief system of the people who run it. I will not attack the Rosicrucians and the Zionists as a whole, because I know many great noble men in these orders that have helped me in my cause to stop the horrors of the program. I count these people as my relatives.

From my understanding, many religious secret orders today (like the Magi, Zoroastrians, degree 33 Number of Zion, White Lotus Society, the Rosicrucians, etc.) are divided into two main factions. One is loyal in their beliefs called fallen angels, who were loyal to the fallen angel Lucifer, at the time of the Great Flood mentioned in the Bible.

The Magi and Zoroastrians are known as the ‘Muslim Illuminati’ and have centers in the UK, such as 440 Alexandra Road, Harrow, Middlesex, MAKE 9TL, Such 020 8866 0765 020 8866-0765 Also there are centers or Muslim Illuminati in Rayners Lane in London. The Rosicrucian Illuminati have centers in the UK in places like the cottage of Francis Bacon in Peckham, London and its headquarters, which is in Greenwood Gate, Cerro Black, Crowborough, TN6 1XE, Such 01892 653197 01892 653197.

The White Lotus Society is known as the ‘Illuminati Chinese” and has more than 250,000 murderers working for them.

Former Mason degree 32, Benjamin Fulford has been contacted me and offered me protection by White Lotus society if I came to this, however, this is not feasible at present. Benjamin was threatened by ninjas working for Western Illuminati when working in Japan and came under the protection of the White Lotus society, Because of this.

Now there is a war between the two factions. Google Search “Secret Society China warns Illuminati – Chinese secret society warns Illuminati” to understand this.

The fallen angels were known in Hebrew as “Such”, meaning “those who observe”. This is translated into Greek “Grigori”, meaning Watchers – Watchers”. Other features of these secret societies base their teachings around more early “Christian” and the ancient Book of Enoch. This ancient text includes accounts Watchers, and many early Christian church leaders used the work from the first century to the third century AD.

During the Age of the ‘Church Fathers’, from the fourth century, the Book of Enoch began to be deleted. This led to the strange decision by San Agustín (AD 354-430) that the Book of Enoch was too old (For former nimian) to be included in Scripture. Rabbi Simeon Ben Johai also worked for the abolition of the book, when he declared that every damned who believed that angels are beings of flesh and blood who physically came to Earth.

However, this is exactly what they are. What we know as “Angels” are extra-terrestrial beings, as is beginning to realize that investigates issues mentioned in this book.

The belief in physical angels was declared a heresy, and the text itself went into hiding and directly into the hands of the secret societies. The benevolent sections of the Illuminati and other secret societies are loyal in their beliefs to the angels of Yud-heh-vav-heh, which is one of the Hebrew names “God”.

Thus, the true secrets of Freemasonry are taught in grade 33. The Rangers descended from other planets to Earth in antiquity, Mount Hermon, north of Dan / Kaish in the Middle East. This mountain is the degree 33 ° latitude. By grade 33 º of Freemasonry, the “degree Illuminati” is introduced and taught the “Secrets of Angels.” Conspiracy theorists who say the Illuminati and Freemasonry are responsible for all the evil and corruption in the world do not know what they are talking.

Both, I would say that corrupt factions of these groups are responsible for much of the world’s problems.
Is testing and initiation of Project Mannequin make a stronger and wiser person?

The answer is yes – no doubt about it.

It also leaves the individual in question with a kind of bloodlust that is very dangerous, and many people involved in the project have ended up committing suicide and experiencing chronic addiction to drugs and alcohol. Many have also developed depression and panic disorders in later life. The use of children in the project is also unacceptable in my opinion. At this point, I have to wonder, Why I was misled and was forced to take part in the rituals of high Rosicrucians, as initiation ” room three courts” on 2006?

I will discuss this in more detail, but to contemplate this, I have come to the following conclusion:

The Illuminists mean that only individuals trained from childhood in certain ‘blood tests’, where each level becomes more dangerous, They can survive the military campaigns conducted as adults. They say this is not just a matter of national security of any country, but the survival of the human race. What is so horrendous that a soldier must be trained from infancy to support?

The surprising answer is that agents Project Mannequin will meet face to face, sometimes even in conflict situations, with forms of extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional life malevolent and frightening. These ‘xeno-breeds’ are as frightening to witness the sight of one could kill or go crazy with the most common human.

This may sound ridiculous to civil uneducated, but it is taken very seriously by those in the highest circles of power.

This happened in the early 1960 during the infamous ‘Battle of Dulce’, when scientists at the facility gene were taken hostage by alien life forms like-reptiles that had been working with the US government. beneath the desert of New Mexico. The Special Forces team came into the rescue attempt had to be hypnotized and drugged to cope with the situation.

Keep an open mind, and read the following evidence. Arm yourself with the truth, because this situation has reached a critical point on this planet, and will be in your face in the coming years.

As my friend Ronnie McMullen says,

“The truth is itself, single. Truth needs no help from anything or anyone to be absolute “.

Some things are made, and the following is the absolute truth:





In 1945 began the infamous ‘Project Paperclip’. This program was directed by British Intelligence and the American organization called the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). Paperclip involved bringing the leading Nazi mind control scientists, Genetic Engineering, and other technology to the United States and Britain areas after World War II. The CIA was created two years after this in the Act NSL of America 1947 to handle the enormous number of mind control projects, Cloning, and other secret projects that were born from Paperclip.

The NSA is the sister organization of the CIA and is now a more powerful entity. 1947 It was also the year of the Roswell incident and, when Israel was formed. A year later, in 1948, a study of genetic lineage began in Britain to locate gifted children to be used for espionage by the intelligence community. This is called ‘Anvil Project “, but changed its name to” Oaktree project in the early 1950.

Oaktree was under the command of the NSA at the time and was being run from genetic laboratories at Harwell in Oxfordshire. It was connected to all major hospitals in the UK and also Mannequin program in which I was born. Mannequin began in 1972 on the basis Peasemore near where I grew up in Tilehurst, Berkshire.



E Project Oaktree was actually set up to locate the descendants of the “Tribe of Dan – Tribe of Dan”, it is called “Lost Tribe of Israel”. These people of the Middle East were white skin, and the descendants are not lost, they are kept secret. Some people may have heard of the “British Israelites, and Gordon Brown is largely in this school of thought.

The tribe of Dan traveled from Dan ( ‘Kaish’ in Hebrew), just below Mount Hermon, and he went to Greece at the time of the Exodus. In Greece, They were known as the Spartans. Greece traveled to France, where were the priest-king and other French Merovingian royal lines. From France traveled to Scotland, Ireland and United States.

They were known as the “Tuatha De Danann” Irish and Celtic clans, as ‘Campbell’, in Scotland.

Were worshipers of the Goddess energy, como Astarte and Ishtar, and were largely in shamanism animals, such as the symbolism of birds and snake. The eagle is one of its symbols, and American Eagle Coat of Arms, and the symbol of the NSA represent the tribe of Dan.

The owl is also one of its symbols, representing the ‘angel’ Ishtar.

It is a very sacred blood line with powerful abilities PSI. The Luciferian religions believe that abusing children and people of this bloodline, who are attacking directly to God.

The Rangers (Watchers) had good and bad among them. The Archangel Michael is named as a physical guard in the Middle East, Papyri in Dead Sea (Dead Sea Scrolls).

The battle between the “Children of Light” and “Sons of Darkness” is mentioned in this work. This battle still continues today. Some say the Project Oaktree ultimately, I was in search of human offspring of the Watchers. We have to ask why they are so important 12 Tribes of Israel, and who ‘planted’ physically these bloodlines.

The answers by religious institutes in the world are given, such as “They are the chosen people of God,” not Enough. People wonder why they are called the Watchers.

The answer seems to be due to its ability to project their consciousness outside the body and perform an ancient form of advanced remote viewing.

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For the year 1970, a lot of mind control projects in Britain and the United States were ongoing, and that became rampant, beginning to affect many areas of society.

During World War II, the Nazis were involved in the creation of genetically enhanced soldiers and spies with psionic and psychic abilities, such as telepathy and telekinesis. They were known as “Ubermen”, which is German for supermen. They were basing their “New Man” a race of humanoid warriors of the Pleiades with whom they had contacted from Aldebaran.




German scientists developed a technique in the concentration camps known as mind control trauma-based. They discovered that if an individual systematically traumatizes, especially before the age of five, his mind is broken into different parts, what German doctors call “ages”.

When torture or terror becomes so intolerable, the mind of a person wants to disengage from the pain and created the alter.

These ages can be programmed by the torturer to perform almost any task. From my understanding, the limit is reached when operators are ordered to kill their own children.

Se investigaron antiguos libros de ocultismo, as the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Necronomicon.

Nazi scientists also discovered that when an individual has been traumatized and tortured, develops almost superhuman abilities, like a huge pain tolerance, photographic memory, and extra-sensory abilities. They are often used ancient rites of Satanism, and these rituals usually involve snakes.

From my own experience and talking with other survivors, an issue arises again and again: being bitten by poisonous snakes in rituals to transmute the poison and enhance or improve the immune system (American indigenous shamans practice this).

Much of the project involved be brought to the point of death and then resurrected. Cathy O’Brien, en su libro Trance Formation of America, Some call centers programming CIA, “training centers near death”.

The rituals of snakes often end with the participant “buried alive with her fear.” This means being put in a coffin with a large number of snakes and then being buried in the ground and staying there for hours. When unearthed, the subject has “gone beyond fear”, according to controllers. I’m still trying to figure out if this is true, because I’m not afraid of very dangerous things, but I have panic attacks with massive small insignificant things.

This is an old technique that was used in Egypt and in many other places: a child will be chosen as a candidate for certain school of mystery. Some of these mystery schools use more humane training methods, but they all involve confronting fears and danger at higher levels. I was always led through a ritual “Atrium 3 Room” in Project Mannequin.











I had to learn what was really happening in recent years through the study of the Rosicrucian teachings.

Ancient and modern shamans were taken to three rooms:

In the first room, They were asked questions by the teacher, such as,

“Want to know the mystery of your being?”

The initiate, says “yes”, and then were taken to the second room.

In this room the magical secrets as ancient artifacts are displayed.

In the third room had to pass a dangerous test, as fighting another member of the mystery school or against a wild animal.

Certain cultures, as the Celtic people, PSI phenomena practiced for generations in ancient rituals.

Modern individuals and families of these ancient lineages were the most suitable candidates for mind control trauma-based, because, although they may not have practiced the skills themselves PSI, these skills were still in the genetic memory of the person from their ancestors. This discovery, combined with mind control trauma-based and the latest advances in military technology, made a very potent recipe for creating a Ubermen.

The implications of this for groups that want to control the world are evident.










Heinrich Himmler and Special Projects Unit of the SS ordered a Nazi research program families in Northern Europe. The objective of this research program families were those who practiced several generational rites of Freemasonry, occultism and Satanism. Josef Mengele, the infamous “Angel of Death” the concentration camp Auswitz, he stayed in the Tavistock Institute in London Mind Control, when British intelligence brought him here after World War II.

One of the major projects in the Tavistock Institute was to find the breaking point of human beings. In mind control based on the trauma, a grid of Mengele is programmed into the victim through torture and other methods. The mind of the victim, then, it would break in 169 fragments or alter personalities.

One type of electro-magnetic grid is incorporated into the brain, and this would affect brain waves. Using cranial implants, artificial transmission of alpha could be kept in horrendous situations. This would allow the agent to maintain maximum calm in intense situations.

Each alter has memories of specific procedures for mind control and is not aware of the existence of the other alters, amnesic because walls including. Algunos síntomas médicos de este procedimiento se han llegado a conocer hoy como MPD (Desorden de Personalidad Múltiple) o DID(Desorden de identidad disociativa).




En los casos de control mental, cada alter o personalidad puede ser programada para una tarea o capacidad específica y luego llamada hacia adelante, utilizando detonadores hipnóticos. Esto es hecho por los controladores de los proyectos pertinentes al control mental control para activar la capacidad y completar la tarea. These alters are also scheduled with post-hypnotic suggestion to forget the task later. Only drivers of mind control project can call different alters, as only they know the correct codes hypnotics, Triggers, and the keys to making this.

If the victim of mind control is a “sleeper” (a civilian who lives in the public community), even the closest family members of the person have no idea they’re DID (Desorden de identidad disociativa). In rare cases, an individual will notice your mind has been altered in one of the many projects of government mind control to get help to deprogram her alters.

This is possible with hard work and the right kind of professional help.

The true origin of Mental Control Based on Trauma
Now, the next question is, Where did the Nazis acquired this technology? Here we enter the area even more sensitive and delve deeper into the rabbit hole.

Over the years, many victims of these draft mental and personal control of the government have reported different types witnessed what can only be described as human beings, in various underground facilities worldwide. Certainly saw strange things when I spent time in Peasmore and other underground bases. I’ve lost count of the number of witnesses who have told me of the people of intelligence who has worked in various underground facilities and saw no human beings.

This raises the question, Are these creatures a kind of human-animal hybrids or other foreign military genetic creations that were continued Nazi genetic manipulation work? The, Are they aliens from different planets and star systems? The simple answer is both. My colleagues and I have seen and we have communicated with these creatures up close and personal.

For a better understanding of the situation on this planet ET, is important to understand that the higher levels of the German Nazi government, the US government, and the British government were not only aware of the ET at the time of the Second World War, but they were working actively working with them – this had been happening even before WWII, in the early 1930.

The following is a brief summary of the modern history of government involvement with aliens.

The Treaties of Government Aliens
The 11 July 1934, the first treaty between beings, which have become known as the Grey Small (gray beings with large wraparound eyes of the Orion star system, approximately three and a half feet tall) and the federal government of the US, under the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, occurred aboard a naval ship in the port of Balboa, Panama.

This was one of the most important events in human history because it pushed us into a role for which they were not prepared with regard to host an evil alien race.

Although Greys “Zetas” benevolent, these entities do not have the best interests of humanity at heart.










The U.S. government. completely ruled United States Constitution to do this and not say anything to the American people. It was here that the agreement was made between gray (a race of beings-as-reptiles of Draconis star system actually represent) and representatives of the US intelligence community…

The treaty stated that in exchange for providing high technology by Grey, the federal government of the USA. allow the Greys to proceed unhindered with human abductions for use in a breeding program in progress ET. The Americans said they would only agree to the terms if he always provide the Government a list of the hostages and also provided the hostages returned unharmed with their memories erased. Greys provided anti-gravity devices, metals and alloys, environment, free energy, and medical technology in exchange for this.

These Grey, basically said they would provide the hardware to change to enable them to infiltrate human society at all levels. They did and they began to replace important world leaders with clones under its control.

Seven years after this treaty, in 1941, Greys approached the German government and Hitler. It was then agreed to a treaty with the Nazis.

Greys offered mind control and other technologies to German, and in return wanted human subjects to conduct genetic experiments. The information I have is that Hitler told Gray that were not playing the German people Aryan, but they could do whatever they wanted with the people in the concentration camps. In the last century, Germany and the United States have been the main areas of invasion os Grey reptile, as you can see by the huge number of people who disappear while in the US.





This is the reason why the Nazis were so involved with cloning technology and experimentation in twins.

About twenty people in the US. and in Germany at that time would have been directly involved in human / Gray treaties. The information is maintained in a database strict need to know / meet within governments and secret services. Little has changed in relation to the Grey, the government, and issues of the concentration camps. Now we have the Gray government sales, reptiles Dracos, in Britain and the United States, who are torturing test subjects who are talking, installed underground in concentration camps.

Many people end up disappearing in these facilities are used as slave labor and trial subjects. There is a large underground concentration camp on Salisbury Plain, en Wiltshire. Most of these evil places are built on sacred lands, such as Stonehenge, to distort the vortex centers. I went to this installation 2006 (brought there by a special team of Delta Force, by air) and I witnessed some of these experiments martial law.

One of my former NSA contacts / DOE named Dean Warwick (who died in suspicious circumstances at a conference of the International Survey in Blackpool). Dean worked in underground facilities beneath the desert of New Mexico, Los Alamos and Alamogordo. Dean also worked at an underground facility in Hawaii. Grey and reptiles saw walking on the premises of Los Alamos and could also testify to human subjects for testing in cages there.










Employees of these facilities undergo a process known as “Desensitization” before they are allowed in high security areas, where they can cross the road with ET’s and disturbing tests passing. Desensitization, employees are injected with drugs like laEscopolamina (a drug for accelerated learning) and video footage showing aliens and horrific scenes of torture and death to enable them to be able to support things that are going to see.



Are mostly short Greys employees of the underground bases will find, Draco reptiles since most of the time stay away from human interaction.

Sometimes, however, an employee will walk down the wrong hallway and see a reptile – this happened to Dean Warwick, Barry King, and Lincoln.

Dean was subcontracted by the NSA in years 1980 and worked for them until 1992. He was a senior electrical engineer at the premises of Los Alamos. He said that there are now more than 4000 underground bases around the world and many of them have to ET’s in high security levels. X5 also said the underground concentration camps in the United States and Britain are known as D4 facilities (deep underground military prisons).

The main bases worldwide are mainly controlled by the NSA and are classified as military bases D1: deep underground military bases, D2: – military bases deep underwater, D3: Military bases far below the mountain, and D4 – Deep underground military prisons (although Lincoln tells me these classifications were changed). The ET Greys and Dracos reptiles that are working with higher levels of governments of various countries are known for internal intelligence as IMCS (Military Industrial Complex Extra-Terrestrial).







Another contact the NSA, X3, told me that a Masonic World fixture above grade 33 is controlling the upper levels of many governments around the world… The degree 33 is officially the highest Masonic degree, but actually, There are many degrees above this. This Masonic degree is the first real level of confidence, and most Masons never get above the lower Blue Degrees.

You are born in a particular bloodline, or does something that differentiates John of Spades and is introduced into the inner circle of elite. At level 33, a Mason often has access to highly classified areas of IMCS. This Masonic degree is known as the first level of “Lighting”.

George Bush padre, reported that is above the level 42 and is deeply rooted in the IMCS. Initiates also refer to the IMCS as “The Octopus”.

The Octopus spreads its tentacles
When IMCS began to expand in the early forties, the second extension of the treaty 1934 of the Greys and US government. was signed in 1944. This treaty was renewed every ten years since 1934 to 1964 and treaties are still being renovated at present. Lincoln has just recently visited the Crisanteum facilities Dulce bio-genetics, New Mexico, when a new file system is being created there.








A scientist who has worked there since the early 1970 informed him that a new treaty has been signed. If people want to know the name, send me an email and remind me to ask Lincoln Then try to put this information into the public domain. Dr.. Dan Burisch Area 51 He informed the audience that one of the more recent treaties is known by the codename of ‘TAU’ with a specific number after the word.

I got permission in writing by a representative of Majestic to address Dr. Burisch way a way en Las Vegas, to discuss a bio-assay War I saw, llevado a cabo contra la población civil en la instalación subterránea en Wiltshire. El representante me informó de que era inapropiado discutir esto por correo electrónico. En el momento actual (15 August 2008) todavía no he hecho contacto con Dan, aunque me gustaría hacerlo en algún momento. También hubo una reunión entre el Majestic y Lincoln en Carolina del Norte y se le dio el permiso para trabajar conmigo.

After 1944 se desataron luchas internas y mucho caos en las facciones gubernamentales humanas de la MIEC.

Factions loyal to the people of the planet were battling factions to which people did not care and just wanted so much technology as they could get their hands. As the murder and cover-ups, the most important part of the battlefield was information warfare. IMCS positive trickle factions information to the public about the true situation ET, and then the negative factions would come behind them and encubrirían with containment damage and psychological warfare programs for the public, known as “Chicken feed”.

The chicken feed continues today and has become more complex and confusing. Run Out “cables” (talk about the connections inside), is almost impossible to know what is really happening in the world. The NSA is all about the Internet. They are buying up independent journalists, they are not part of the media controlled, to spread disinformation campaigns.




Hollywood is an important vehicle for this, and the protocol seems to be this: all details of secret projects that filter are converted into a movie or are included in sections of films for the uneducated public reject any information as science fiction. The producer of the NBC and Hollywood Bob Kiviat has been in touch with me, and I have helped with his documentary about a colleague of mine named Simon Anderson / John Lenard Walson.











A friend of actor Dan Aykroyd has helped me with some of the information in this book. This man is a member of the US intelligence community. and has helped Dan to write screenplays. He is interested in developing a screenplay based on my life, but nothing is set in stone when it comes to Hollywood. A colleague of mine named Anthony Pike has also been in contact with Gordon Novel

Gordon is involved with actor Bruce Willis in a film project called Kingdom Comes (Kingdom Come). Gordon is very connected with the CIA and is the director of RAAM group based in Las Vegas. Now, I’m waiting to hear from him. It has been told that there was a fight between RAAM and Majestic, but with all factions today “sitting around the table” to talk, maybe this can be resolved. Act like gentlemen and see what can be resolved.













Before going into greater detail with respect to treaties, let’s talk more about the suppression of truthful information. Take, for example, the infamous public forum on the Internet, GLP (As God Productions). This site has millions of users, but is controlled by “moderators” in the Tavistock Institute.

There is basically one big room full of computer experts Intel’s facility in Tabernacle Street London, controlling the flow of information is. I have placed sensitive information there and the direction of my mother start the thread with indirect threats to his life. I’ve also had some sort of intelligence with consciousness that has given me a list of drug trafficking routes my father in Europe, when he was alive.

Added to this, there have been unmarked black helicopters attempting to bomb my house two hours after placing Remote Viewing techniques there.
That was good for a laugh!

In 1944, Gray / Human treaty was showing signs of stress, since it was discovered that the Greys were abducting more people than were put on government lists.

In May 1954, under the Eisenhower administration, the third extension of the treaty Grey and US Government. was signed – the Treaty of Grenada.

Orion Greys and Dracos Reptiles blatantly broke the terms, as we shall see later in the book. The Treaty of Granada was agreed at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico by the Greys and the NSA ULTRA unit. The name of the facility under the command of Holloman AFB was the codename DANDELION, although this may have changed now.

The ULTRA unit was a most elite and super secret NSA factions at that time, and was run by Nazis of Papelclip Project, that were part of the NSA after 1945. All members of ULTRA humans were cloned.

Original documents of this treaty and original materials ET of this can be found today in the NSA facility called Blue Moon. Blue (blue) is the code word meaning related to extra-terrestrial. Blue Moon is an underground facility beneath the Air Force Base in New Mexico Kirkland. The entrance to the base is in the Manzano Mountains.

Within technological Blue Moon is very secret headquarters DOE, which worked for Lincoln and Dean Warwick. Nowadays, DOE Blue Moon is building free energy devices, technology developed from gray and Draco reptilian, for use in space. Many advanced weapons based in space have also been built.

Dr.. Bill Deagle, IMCS insider was informed by the director of the US Space Command. they control every cubic inch of space from here to Mars. The director also told Bill that have weapons that would make George Lucas drool if he knew anything about them. Trillions of dollars have been invested in this technology through the decades, since the first modern treaty Gray started and Human.

Bill Deagle says it is not just a government administration or transnational corporation involved in these areas. He says that we are dealing with evil evil galactic level. Dr.. Bill told me by phone that worked with employees of underground facilities in the US. who were suffering from PTSD due to having witnessed ET / human hybrids and other horrors in these rules.

You will also be asked to join the enlightened 33rd degree Masonic levels of IMCS. It is considered a very dangerous man who knows too much of these groups and was approached by a French, code-named Pindar, after he was born the daughter of Bill. Bill told me that Pindar seemed to be in his sixties with a very professional manner. He was wearing an expensive suit, had manicured nails, and seemed to disappear as he walked down the street after Bill refused to join the organization.

There is a technology called Camouflage Termóptico that can make a man invisible secret service to the naked eye. It is a small device that can be worn on a belt and is activated at will. A Secret Service man also can be put through a Termóptico field will be invisible to the naked eye during a forty-eight hours. No need to bring the hardware Termóptico if it is put in the field, however, after forty-eight hours, the agent starts again towards the light phase and becomes violently ill for a short time.

An American woman living in Nevada, He contacted me last year and told me that she had hired a private detective because the black cars government types who regularly roamed home, by parking outside and following her when she was driving. One night, she was driving along a desert highway and one of the black cars began to follow again.
He managed to lose it speeding and swerving in a quiet side street.

He killed the engine and got out of the car to wait until the car that was following was gone. This woman told me then that he heard footsteps crunching on the gravel toward her, but could see no one there. He said he felt something in his hand, and an invisible hand, then, grabbed her crotch.

She panicked and jumped back into his car and drove.

Military Progress and Project Plato
With each treaty ET / Human, Governments are becoming more advanced, and now there are groups of people who are literally thousands of years more advanced than civilians. For each passing year, since the beginning of these treaties, military technology advances for over fifty years.

I’ve heard better than Phil Schneider, who said that occasionally, the public receives a new computer or some other piece of technology IMCS, but these are similar to trinkets when the first white settlers would give Americans glass beads Indians.

The 15 April 1964, two US intelligence officials. gathered under the Project Plato with the Greys in the desert of New Mexico, to arrange a meeting 25 April at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. This meeting was to renew the treaty again begun in 1934 it was a psychological attempt to buy time in order to solve the problem of the Greys and Draco Reptiles.

Higher levels of US intelligence. now believe that the Greys and Dracos had this planet weighted to invade and take control, between 2000 and 2030.

I have met with a huge amount of evidence that many Greys and Dracos Reptiles may actually have been on this planet (installed underground) since at least the time of ancient Babylon. They may have been secretly subverting the human population of the area over a long period of time in preparation for the return of the dreaded Draco First Lords of Alpha Draconis.

Around 1887 several disc shaped craft were seen in the sky.

In 1887, US President. Grover Cleveland created a secret committee to investigate these objects, secretly funded the five-member group. Grover Cleveland was the only US president. who served two nonconsecutive terms. It was the 22nd and 24 th president of the United States, in 1885-1889 and 1893-1897. A team led by the five-member group called “The Suits”, and wearing black suits, questioned many eyewitnesses.

They contacted members of the press and asked them not to inform the public about sightings. John G. Carlisle (Speaker of the House), headed the committee of five persons, and advised the President not to disclose the information until the facts were understood. The more information gathered, most were aware that this was a job too big for the small committee.

Benjamin Harrison became the 23rd president, and John Carlisle retired as Chairman of the House to devote his time to the strange craft disk. The secret commission became a secret division of the US government. called Central Group. The headquarters of the core group was created in the tunnels under Washington, DC, codenamed “The Land of Nod”.

Much of the Federal Government did not know about the Central Group.

At this time, Britain began to see strange flying craft. In 1896, British skies were filled with “bright areas” l crossing the sky day and night. Queen Victoria appointed a secret group to investigate these flying objects, and secret studies in England led to contact the Central Group in the US. They quickly joined forces and became the Intelligence of the United Nations and the Agency for Aerial Phenomena Tactics Unit or Central-AAP, or also known as UNITAAP UNITAP.

UNITAP was divided into four sections. Its symbol became a red cross within a circle, that was associated with the planet Mars. In 1933, Central-AAP Unit was officially cut the codename Central UNIT.

Later, this name was leaked in England, and a cover was created involving several science fiction stories to cover the actual activities of UNIT.

After this time, during treaties ET and Human, UNIT took control of the central core of the NSC (NSC), NSA, CIA y ONE (Office of Naval Intelligence). Other study groups were, then hired to pursue the subject frisbee, as Jason Academic Group, the Rand Project, and Research Page.

These groups were connected to MAJIC (Majestic Agency for Joint Intelligence Command), which is known as Majestic.

Security codes were MAJIC MAJIC UMBRA, critical and ULTRA. ULTRA was above top secret. There is talk of introducing new code words for classification systems. Lincoln has heard the words CORONA, AIMPOINT, HYPERNOVA, and ARC.

In 1951 there was a meeting in Paris Majestic, France, in which the organization expanded to take in other countries. The studies cover was MJ (Magnetic Journey).

Majestic was also known as MJ-12.

They met with key powers 12 countries:












Colombia (with links to other countries in Central and South America)



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