Published on Jan 7, 2017

And just like that, Patchman has returned!

My oh my! Where to even begin on this one! I would have had this out probably 4 days ago, except the cosmos had a message for me which was “Sit and do nothing for 3 days while you process a serious cold”. So the moment I was able to, I got cracking on this and haven’t stopped until this moment!

It was my goal to get this out before the end of the 7th day of January, so that it counts towards the “1 video per week” plan that I had mentioned in a previous video!

There’s a lot that gets covered and discussed in this video! We sorta needed to catch up didn’t we? For all of the links to things discussed, see below:


First and topping the list, please check out this experiment that Dean Radin talks about in this video –…

It’s absolutely brilliant because for any skeptic out there who is in disbelief about it – you can replicate the experiment yourself! You can also learn more about it on their website –

Here is our new facebook page if you’d like to like it:…

Here is a link to our eShop: Act fast I’m certain the spirit shirts will be gone super quick!

For those who do get a copy of Patch Tarot now – you will receive big discounts on future editions of the deck!!

You can also watch the original spirit shirts video here:…

Special thank you to all of our Patreon supporters! You guys are INCREDIBLE!!! Special note: There is a super secret private patreon version of this video! If you’re an 11$ or higher patreon, go and check it out 😉

Of course please go listen to and support Elijah Ray! He’s just so amazing and his music inspires the DNA to activate! A great album to start with is “Ray One EP”, or any of the “Soundlights”.


Super Special Spirit Thanks to Aaron Fehr for some wonderful feedback during the creation of this!

And I super hope Marty had a laugh 😉

Thanks for watching everyone!

We love you so much.
Jordan David, and Spirit Studios

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