Good morning, good afternoon, good evening everyone welcome to the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute public teaching in English for Monday February 5th 2018 and today we have first episode our first part of our exploring plasma science series it’s a continuation of the plasma science understandings that we did from understanding plants from a science series last year and Jim MacDonald’s gonna be leading us for us so welcome Jim Thank You Flint welcome everybody I hope that you enjoyed the series last year on standing plasma science this year we’re going to do things like indifferently in that and to look at exploring and so we’re going to go in to pick a few topics and really go into a little detail and each one of those topics sorry and for this morning I’m going to put more details when we start the presentation but first of all artists like to go through the the websites that we launched last week now I’m going to try to share from Mossad tell me what a bed okay yeah no problem because I was supposed to have been upgraded today so we’ll see all right so this the the new website and as we said the intention of the website is so that it becomes a destination for people II the amount of knowledge that’s out there is just huge and for new people that are trying to get a handle on the science it just becomes an impossible task when you look at Fuller’s videos in the huge Channel and one just really doesn’t know where to start so what we’ve tried to do with this website is to make it a little bit easier for new people and existing people to try and get a flow and understanding of what the science is all about so in a sense for the spiral we start on the outside and work her way in have learnt we need to understand the science and through the science we understand our soul and that’s the way we designed the way to start and we start off with the science and also moving into the things with a soul so I’ll start off on the first page we just gave a brief introduction as to what the science is all about we didn’t want to go into too much details because this sort of page one ones do take a lot of people’s attention and they just been off now on this page they’ll get an understanding and the important ones or these five videos at the bottom here which watch them the only 10 minutes long they’re great to watch all five will give you a great so this is your first page we a lot of people will find it quite useful and then if they interested we created the plasma users because there’s a lot of us who we’d like to know I can move it over in us new science in technology but how is it really going to affect me a lot so down here what we’ve done is we just created certain topics produced electrical consumption meta creation agriculture and health so we’ve created a few topics there which would interest quite a wide spectrum of people where I could see where this technology might impact them in their labs or in the area of interest that they might have so but here on this page and then we go to the learn more page and here where it really starts those that I really would like to learn more if it’s entry enough think and start learning and you can all do this learning in your own time you know you can use progress through it and know who you are so there was this first two-hour interview as well which does give a great broad spectrum of what ESMA science is all about it’s a very good spot for people and then those that watch to it happen what you have the 12 pots of plasma science and each one of them we’re going to plasma science than they know them against and health from agriculture and SP so D goes into more detail of how the science have fixed all those different fields and we have the powerpoints now available to download so there’s a lot of information there that one can go through and watch and then your next level of the journey is these a lot of these kids knowledge seekers workshops it’s 22 of them these were done quite a few years ago with Rick concave on and it’s a fantastic resource because it goes into a lot more detail if you’ve understood and watched the first 12 episodes of understanding peasant science and he come on to this next section it will make a lot more sense start watching these kids workshops and even though there are four kids called kids workshop since by no means four kids because we had coming down to this plasma science we are all children learning so don’t be put off by the title I know when I first started watching these trying to get a handle on two years ago when I started watching him I couldn’t even understand a lot of what was going on and so it’s great to watch 12 now get them bro Broadus ante on what the technology is all about to me come down to which these and then obviously we have every Thursday evenings through their mornings we have the normal knowledge seeker workshop there’s a lot more information so it’s good to watch to try and study in the background you know time and continue to watch on that Thursday and then at all interested and would like to learn more obviously you can come in and start joining as a private student and join the Stars diving program now we’ve we’ve labeled at the self-study program is because a lot of the work you have to do yourself there’s just too much information too much knowledge to be able to come to these classes and you know certain gained some knowledge so if you are very serious at finding out more wanting to learn more we do recommend that you become in private student because essentially what one is X is two and the main part here is you get access to all these past teachings from 2015 to present these a couple of semesters they with morning and afternoon teachings understand case which are absolutely invaluable and one has to watch these many many times to really get an understanding of all that knowledge so just those videos alone I think could probably take you a year or two to get through on watching and really understanding so that’s a lot of the been sort of yourself work that you do and then we do offer for you to come in and interact with other students from around the world and this year we are starting something new where one can create certain focus groups little areas of specializing that you’d like to do that other students and so we’ve got the one already which is focusing on less things of the salts and start digging up all old information about the soul and start putting that information back together again and then we do offer we have different plasma science teachers coming all over the world that do come in and provide certain teachings on different topics so these are sort of on an ad-hoc basis and different arms wing most available from around the world so that’s essentially what we have been available its private students yes I say the most valuable part is to get access and lost odd listening to those all the workshops they’re a lot of valuable information public teachings we do have these are just on the English side so the public testimonials is once a month we can come in and just share your experience and your different methods that you’ve tried using the plasma because we gain a lot of insight into that you can come and share but the knowledge seeker workshop on Thursday and Rick’s earth reactor group and one nation one planet and then we have this new exploring science on the Monday and then what we’ve created here is a Google Calendar teaching calendar and essentially what we’ve put into here is all the public English teachings as well as all the language teachings public and private and so this is for a whole year and one can have a look on the weekly basis and then down here is the option where you can click on this button and you can download this calendar into your if you do have the Google and then it just updates your Google Calendar available and what it does is will then signal you ten minutes before each one of these teachings happens around the world so when I did the last count I think there was about a hundred and seven different teachings that I happened every single month in sort of the 19 different languages so and we do encourage you to pop in evening for this on some of the different languages because there are a lot of people that are bilingual and there have been quite a lot of knowledge that we can gain from them we will be working on quite a few joint public teachings with all the different language groups because everybody followed it from around the world will certainly look at things and approach things differently so starting to share this knowledge and insight with everybody say Jim yeah I noticed at the times there are eastern Australia time is your way to get that into the person’s own time if you’ve downloaded into your Thomas should check out other me okay and then we also have a will Tom button yeah yeah but he shouldn’t I change into your time zone with you or I also on a side note could you you microphone tends to fade in and out every so often could you I set your audio zoom settings to not automatically adjust your mic where do I do that it’s under on your main zoom panel with orange and blue buttons you click on settings and go to audio and turn off the auto adjust mic sittings sorry I’m not with you mm-hmm yes that’s correct sitting your audio settings Jim the options you should build access it there you might have to go to I have to go to actually to video settings option in order to bring up the panel properly when I’m sharing at least on my Mac it’s that way did you find the control panel automatically just microphone yeah unclick that in and adjust the volume of the microphone up or not all the way but probably it was all the way Oh leave it all the way then yeah alright okay then on the language pages yeah what are we going to be doing is over the next couple of months is we’re going to be adding with the current languages that are being taught and so we will be will be able to click on each one of those and go into the couple of pages that Google developed for each of the the languages over the next couple of months and here again it’s just America it’s been happening in the different languages so the French they different workshops Japanese in the Polish so they all in different times that one can have a look and then on terms of electronic papers and further information that one can get over here we have the list of stickiness papers that have been written and so one is able to purchase those and read those papers which are very specific to those certain topics and then we have some Kindle books and these are very very sort of valuable books and developed by Kay New Zealand and what he’s done is he’s taken the very first workshops and put them into a Kindle book now just bear in mind in terms of our disclaimer here that is what he’s done is he’s created a summary so these are not the exact transcriptions that our transcribers do they are just essentially a summary of these workshops but it’s a very nice way to quickly read through and to see exactly what has happened in those different workshops and then one can then go back and refer when you want the exact will increment refers to those exact term workshops in otherwise these are very quite valuable in Tanjung to understand and catch up on one’s a lot of the background information please go back to in workshop 675 that they have done and then there will be bringing out some further ones they also took our understanding plasma science series and made me two books as well and to say they they also just summaries of the energy workshops but it’s quite a great resource day to quickly have a look and read because not all of us are woodier some of us do like to read so those are available there and you had also taken the gardeners and growers workshop series that we have done and made these into the Kindle books so it’s quite a lot of valuable information in these say anybody interested in agricultural certainly us can look at these books and over the time we will be earning more more to these helped a lot of people and then on the resources page we have the links to wiki like a new seeker web jobs and the blueprint teachings on how to build your own Magreb unit the culture nature and on-site workshops for those who would like to run and hold on side workshops and then we have some affiliates here which is the transformer common Golden Age of gents and transformer Cromwell server and quite a lot of work and created a lot of summaries very interesting website on on some reason all the different workshops again it’s just summaries and not the actual transcripts but it does help a lot to get through their information and then there’s a lot of links here all the different sites in Facebook’s in forums you become a transcriber and you’re always looking for people to transcribe and translate so if anybody’s are interested and has a couple of hours to spare me every week your service would be mostly appreciated and those that have sort of been following for quite a while and have quite a good background on the knowledge and like teaching will avenge and just get in touch with us and we can help you to start because the more languages we can build up over the next couple months will be good great and so here you can just fill in your details and then you can get back to you and then we come back to the very last where the science meets the soul and so here again we’re just looking at you know our world has been so split between science and spirituality but essentially this technology brings it together and so we can look at understanding science begin to understand our soul operates so what we’ve just done with these ones to use so that people were really interested and wanting to learn more is that we found last three knots passages which explains you know what is the soul of the man the neutron proton and the electron and the one that we found was understanding the creation and so this is just just the tip of the iceberg of information available on soul we will be adding a lot more calm and there’s a lot of information on the blueprint for peace humanity those workshops that we’ve done in July last year and everything since then so we’ll be adding to this as well and essentially what we’re saying here as well is once you realize comes down to our soul then we ask that you go back again to the beginning and go through and learn again that from the perspective of the soul because in of people understanding offers technology so we hope that this helps a lot of new people out there to try and get a handle on this technology and a lot of us that have been studying and trying to study as well and say this the website will be continually updated all the time as we gather more and more information so if you couldn’t just use it there’s a nice resource base and use it to teach yourself because the whole idea is one has to take responsibility for yourself and for your own teaching no one’s going to come and teach you you have to do it yourself so through this website we hope that just make it a little bit easier for you to do that all right okay so I’m now going to go into today’s presentation on the exploring present science and it’s going to be a little bit different is that over the next ten weeks we’ll have different plasma science teachers that will come so that we sort of somebody reads we’ll definitely week and I’m going to share the knowledge and experience in different areas of asthma science oh I don’t have anything [Music] all right so one of the areas that we’re going to look at today is different constants of beltzman so we’re not going to create sort of a long series like we did last year we’re going to focus on different topics and going to them a little bit more in detail and for example next week we’ll have the quanto who’s going to come in and go into a lot of detail on different definitions and the different wording because it’s so important to understand what each concept what each definition of the word he needs will help Lisa that’ll come in and give us some more information on different aspects of the soul and then we’ll have sundaland come in and help a lot of us with the Nano and against because there’s always so many questions on that area and then we’ll also be looking at different topics on agriculture and then we will be doing a bit of what the cause of global teaching so we’ll be visiting the Polish team and the French team for this coming semester as well so there’s just a broad overview of what’s going to be happening for this first semester before we start just putting I’m just putting in a bit of a disclaimer so that what we it’s saying is that a lot of us are as teachers kind of come in and teach is we are all still learning just like living so what we’re going to be presenting is our understanding and interpretation of the work presented by medication and sometimes we might not our understanding might not be exactly right and Stan comment just a different point of view and so we just wanted to sort of make that clear and that we then encourage a lot of you to test and explore yourself and go and find out about this knowledge and and just come back and share with us because it is so vast and so huge that none of us can give it right the first time and none of us are wrong it’s just our understanding and interpretation of this information and we’re all learning together so today the two topics that I’m going to cover in more detail is understanding our environment and then going into more detail on the amino acid structure so on the first and what I’d like to do as well is last year when we did the understanding plasma science I specifically wanted to keep the questions at the end and under that for a reason but for these workshops now it’s going to be a bit more of an open session so these welcome any questions as we’re going along this presentation people have comments or their own experiences then we do welcome that please keep it short and to the point and relevant to the topics okay so understanding the environment we know that the many feels leads to creation and when we read the sentence when magnetic fields come together and become one entity of a plasma it has to create its own position in respect to the other presence so when you break that sentence down it’s when the plasma is formed from the nimac fields and create it’s own entity that entity if we can imagine it as a magnet now has to interact with all the other entities around it so due to its its strength it has to find its position amongst all the other plasmas around so that’s essentially what we are trying to explain next sentence have you got that video available Waveland which one again that’s just the interacting of the fields just a little short but yeah ah yes one moment here a lot of us have seen this video but it’s actually just illustrating how the individual magnetic rays when they find a match and with with another magnetic array of a similar strengths and they’ll start in to interact and this is the formation in the beginning of your plasma and now that becomes an entity or itself with its own field strength and it beam has to find its position in relation to all the other plasmas around us so essentially that’s what the first statement is explaining you Thank You Vleet yes you’re welcome I’m sure you’ve seen that many times okay so we look at our solar system we have to imagine the same and so the fuels are coming together in different positions to create the planets that we see imagine our solar system is a huge plasma then fields are coming together in different positions which create our planets and the planets have to farm their position in relation to all the other planets and on earth the fields come together in a different positions and we create the man applause all the animals so it’s the same concept the same understanding so magnetic fields in motion so these magnetic fields in a given environment or condition find their position according to the magnetic and gravitational strength of itself in relation to all with other plasmas so what we say a mare is itself has to find its position and it’s not just independently of itself but defines its position in relation to all the other plasmas around them so everything around it will affect it as well so the magnetic fields of a similar strengths come together to form and for example the earth we meet within our solar system and we only get these fields in motion Rossellini bellows flow from stronger to the weekend the imbalance leads to the govision and rewards could have the neutron dividing into proton and electron and that is caused by the imbalance and it’s this division which is to move out without that dividing of the neutron into the proton electron will have life so without an imbalance we have no creation no flow of magnetic fields and we have to understand this concept when we start making our different devices whether it’s for health energy or agriculture is one needs to always create a flow of many feels because without a flow there is no imbalance and then there’s no life so in all our devices we have to have there to flow from properly and for example when you look on the health and section with your patches on either side of your arm on your leg it’s you know we’ve been taught it’s the stronger three-two-one reddish lips so it’s the stronger through to the vitro patch and it’s this flow that we creates we have to understand that we have to create that flow of these fields at the bar swing application act we’re going to be using this technology right aft we know and we’ve learned from last year that earth is a plasma and as specific magnetic or gravitational field strength we as humans and the pawns and all creatures in with so we are living within this plasma live in this environment and condition that is created on earth we also know that our body the plasma displays a specific magnetic gravitational few stream and everything within our body is subject to this magnetic field stream a little cells a little organs is all operating body so it’s this understanding of different environments and conditions becomes very important when you look at our different ganses that we’ve made and how we actually use them now if we assume that this is sort of a plasma and it might be the earth or a solar system the vehicles are coming out from the center and flowing to the outer boundaries and you have this interaction of these fields within the plasma and the plasma works in one way they release their energy as they interact without the interaction we don’t have it release and another way to to explain that is on this graph if you take that yellow dot and we look at out as a center of our solar system but it could be listening to all the net into a place but when you look at the vertical axis you look at the strength of the field so we go right up stronger we go and on the horizontal axis it’s distance from the centre so the closest we are what this graph is illustrating the person we are to the centre is a stronger the field as we move away from the center so the strength of the field induces so it’s this week of plasma in strength which leads to the matter itself hit the boundary with the Coulomb barrier these are the fields that are so weak that that convert to the hydrogen and he and solar system so as the fields are coming out from the Sun and come to the outer edges of our solar system they are so weak that they convert to the hydrogen and income again and we get this balance point of the interaction of our solar system within the magnetic fields of the galaxies one has to understand that our solar system as a plasma is operating within the galaxy which is another personal and our solar system has to find its position and it’s also interacting with the fields of the galaxy and it’s this balance point of interaction that we get to all the time the coexistence and interaction of any gravitational field forces leads to the creation of a meter sphere for the instant so every entity rivets threaten the earth or the galaxy s and the neatest fear what we call and for this that’s what we’ve cordoned this boundary is the maximum point of balance or equality between the two middle forces into a gravitational this is where we get the manifestation or of Mexicans who feel slowed down enough for us to be able to see them with our eyes that’s slowing down on these fields so that was a bit of the understanding the bit of the science and what I want to do next is to take those couple of concepts and let’s put it into everyday uses that we can in terms of dancers and you’ve made made so it’s a case of understanding we’ve made the ganz but now we have to understand the different conditions that we are going to be placing out there to understand these concepts is if one looks at the copper atoms and you look at the copper atoms on this plate they are subject to Earth’s magnetic gravitational field strength and it’s what we see as the matter the atoms the plasmas are very very close together we’ve learned about the Nano copper and we create antenna and a layering so when we create the nano copper what we’ve done is we placed into a box with caustic soda and it’s not just the case of putting it into caustic soda that caustic soda is creating a different condition a different environment and it’s creating a new magnetic or gravitational environment or different strength and within that environment that’s allowing the copper atoms to move and create our spacing on layering so it’s not just as simple we have to understand why are we putting it into the cost it’s not just caustic for the sake of caustic that caustic is creating a certain environment certain feel strength that allows these atoms to find a new position it’s that caustic environment with the heat which allows us to do that so we’ve created a totally new environment in that off some of the visible around us so we’ve essentially started we’ve got the same operation but we’ve changed the magnetic gravitational field strength of an environment and we’ve created our nano layer just by changing that environment in which we operate so it’s the same atom of copper but it’s just opened up allowing each item to find its new position and we have the wider spacing and allowing the fields of the copper a ton more space to flow now when we look at our Cup against we make a copper against we all gain creating a difference magnetical and gravitational field strength environment we’ve got our I’ve got our two plates in the water and we add our salt and this configuration creates a specific field strength in that water and within this new environment we start creating our copper against the copper atoms joining with the oxygen to form our rocks not gas so again we’ve created a totally new environment different magnetic gravitational field strength orders to occur now we’ve got our cop against and taking it out that box and we’ve washed and washed and washed and now we’re placed into a job to store water again we’ve taken that against and now within that distilled water environments it also again has us and water has a specific incredible environment dictated by the field strength of that water so each gains in the water is free to find its own position and distance in respect to each other in that vault at par we look at the Ganz’s was very fluffy and flowing in that water because if you view each little gangs as a tiny little magnet at once you know when you shake your bottle up it finds that sort of position and takes long and come to sit each against is different because we’ve now placed that yeah it’s in environment of the water so now we get the question how many of you have dragged against and used against as a drug powder any takers okay so why when you dry it you’ve got to understand that you are taking your games out of that environments of the water and you are now placing it in the environment of Earth which has a different medical gravitational field so now we end up with the dried against so essentially when you drive your Copic appearance you are now taking different conditions because it’s not in the water environment it’s now in the atmosphere of the Earth’s environment so this guess is going to express itself differently in its environment in this new environment has a different magnetic field strength from that magnetic field strength of water so we would call it in Leanback terms of science and understood is that we would say all games will have different properties in water and it will have different properties drive it but essentially what we’re saying is that the environments that we’ve created or different different magnetic gravitational field environments for our cases an important point you have to remember is that it’s the environment in which we place our games or the plasma in conjunction with that plasma itself will dictate what the plasma will express itself as what feels it gives often takes in and this is important to understand is that we have against in water it’s the gans itself and in conjunction with the environment which is dictating the interaction release of these fields so we all understood we importing the fields into the water off against and then you’re drinking that water when we take that gansan wind right we’ve now got it in the what would call our atmosphere environment of but it’s a different mechanical gravitational field environment and so the straw gains in interaction with the new environment is going to express itself differently and it’s forgivable and taking different fields and will have a different effect on and then the same questions is how many of us can think put the straw gains back into installed waters and was the energy the same when you felt does it have the same effect when you use it in your different health products these are the questions because now we’ve changed the condition and now we’re putting it back into an entirely new environment so these are all the different questions we have to start asking ourselves and start finding different applications for them because we created different conditions along the way and each condition I’m sure that I’m gonna find will have very experienced users whether it be health and culture or energy just before we move on when one takes the stride against and puts it back in the water you see in the photograph it doesn’t settle very well to the bottom so please do not consume any of the water off the top of the dryer gets in one places into the water because because it’s not seeking its different environment we’ve changed additional so if you dodge starts drinking that water it’s going to contain a lot of against material which we don’t want you to consume so whenever you drive in ink and put it back into the water please do not use that water for any applications particularly for the health ok so many of us also playing around with our different spinning reactors or having a lot of fun on our but quite a few of them and they’re always splitting in the house and we’re trying to on the nation’s now again we’re looking at putting the drive against with the water in these reactors and seeing anything the difference do we feel any difference or stinging in different effects by doing it because the normal Gans that we’ve had with the water subject to a certain environment and now we draw out a live Gans and back into the water we again change that environment and so we’re going to have that gas is going to express itself differently and people of different fields and directors so one has to observe and take note of these changes and I encourage a lot of people to experiment with this please come back with feedback because each one of these is Morgan to learn what this effect is doing and again what if you mix the dry against and an alcohol because the alcohol is different to the water alcohol will have a different magnetic or gravitational field strength you change the environments and changing that interaction of that plasma with the environment on the alcohol and so they can’t have different fields interacting so we we have to understand what I’m hoping you got across is that every time we do something different to this dance we are creating a different condition and the plasma has a specific chain releasing its energy and that specific structural release of energy is dependent on its environments not of itself it’s where we put the scans whether it’s in the wet cans form with a dryad Gans or mixing with water alcohol we even adding a bit of salt solution to against is all going to have different effects on that gains in terms of the release of energy and the plasma only interacts when the specific condition is great so you’ll have to find out all these different of things creating a condition in water alcohol dictates what you give and receive from environment each one is different we’ll explain [Music] well thou canst understand what you are doing an understanding that every time we’re doing something differently with it you’re creating different conditions you are going to see different effects different release of the energies again start to experiment with to explore what effects it is you know what if we start mixing liquid games with the drug gangs is a terrible photograph here but we’ve done that with a copper nickel and danced with the normal up against you know one is physicality one is in motion but the dried is the physical one and went against is the emotion you know if you put those co2 dried co2 and zinc and mix that with the normal co2 in zinc ends and put those in your reactors what we meant to feel what what different energies are you gonna do directing essentially we are you know what we have to understand is we dealing with the same plasmas the collection of fields how that expresses itself is dependent on the environments very closely as well as they refuse to of the present itself so you think one is the plasma against itself and one is the environment in which you are putting their present the flow of the fields from the plasma and back into the plasma is environment of the pendant because the water will have the different to alcohol will be different to a salt solution will be done to the air environment so essentially we look we’ve got a copper plate and it’s full copper you don’t really feel any fields from that and you create nano copper it can start being the energy is even just from a nano copper we’re up against in a lot of us start feeling the energy from that copper against all is the plasma of copper but it’s just expressing itself differently depending on environment any questions comments hi Jim this is Dimitri I have a question good morning it’s relating to the the slide that had the graph on it yeah we’re at the bottom right of that graph it said that the fields become so weak that they they transmit into hydrogen and nitrogen now and that’s the that’s that’s the fields from from from earth now looking at it from a microcosm macrocosm view the fields that we give off as as human beings in it in physicality do our fields also when they get a weaker a weaker state transmute into into hydrogen and nitrogen and you know that that that’s looking at it from just the general physicality but then if we look at the inside the shell of the physicality do we give off fields from organs of our body that turned to hydrogen helium turned to hydrogen and helium inside the body to take you know do they become that weak inside that we create the hydrogen and helium and then when the fields of the physicality are given off around planet Earth to the to those fields turned to hydrogen and helium within the Coulomb barrier of Earth or does it is it something that all happens in in deep space thank you one has to understand is that each as very different you’ve got your pleasure of the solar system and what the players mother earth and you have a plasma of the body each one is in a different environment because we look at the solar system is within the galaxy in gravitational field other galaxies so those two are going to be interacting and creating this distance and what you know in our solar system this is what is created in another solar system depending on the outside environments of the galaxy our solar system could be bigger and smaller and it will have different hydrogen ion being at those boundaries depending on the size of the galaxy of a solar system we can just say that when you bring it down to our body that well we also will keep all the hydrogen helium because it’s different fields different strings now our body is giving off certain energies and but it’s not harder to nor the helium that it’s it’s energies on a different field strength that other that is probably done measure I don’t know it’s a good question but it’s not we can’t say what because it’s the solar system does this so our body will do it because we’re dealing with different gravitational field strength of our body our body it’s not the same as as a solar system that might watch your question that’s why one yes yes it does thank you it is it make it makes me wonder because you know it’s as fields transmute as they become weak it’s all gonna because because we’re on earth from where Kohan amino acid there’s for all the fields that are created on earth there doesn’t melt from my understanding doesn’t matter where they created the path of transmutation going back to the is always going to be the same so that’s because of the of the Kohan base it is the way I was I was I was looking at it the more we learn the more questions we have sometimes we just don’t have the answers so that means we have to go back and study some more yes thank you just as a reminder if you’re in live stream Facebook or YouTube watching us you can type your questions into the chat there or if you’re on the panelist just go ahead and unmute and ask your question or if you’re in the attendees please raise your hand Jenna this is mushrik speaking my question is regarding you talked about rotating the plasma balls with voters my question is regarding creating rotation without the magnetic fields we are using in the motor to create the rotation is that has there been do you have any progress or any suggestion of how to do it I have some thoughts but please share anything that you will know oh so you asking creating rotation without the motors yes you do that by creating that flow of energy so if you look at your two patches so that’s just you’ve got strong pension and weak that to me inside of your arm you essentially just creating a flow of energy from it stronger to the weaker okay now if you take that same constant and I know we’ve done it if you build up lovebird tube units if you stand in the laptop to Rodrigo and if you have say 10 rings around you if you standing there each ring that you create will have it if you build them so that they have slightly to composition different volume against that you’re putting into each one what you are doing is creating a flow of energy so you create lifting that dynamic flow itself with other entities so you’re talking about flow between the Rings in that case because each ring is in differently has different strengths yes each ring do constraints each one is going to interact with the other one below its above it and if you create one sort of opposites and right at the top and right at the bottom you correct creating a flow between the top and bottom so you can it’s difficult to imagine but but when you begin to understand the flow of the fields on hands on create many devices you can create a flow in optimization of the nodes yes I have done it in in Gans but there it’s it’s actually it’s not that difficult but one of the things that we are tied to the physical motor or the physical rotation of the liquid yeah so in doing it you have to just like if you rotate you spin a ball like a cricket ball as you bowling you spin the wall so you have two fingers on one side you’re creating the rotation so you know where the plasma there has to be a plasma differential between the two sides and I have seen it I mean I have done it myself actually you can’t rotate the field the thing is that how do you measure it I can feel the difference but it’s it’s doable actually and the star formation is a good example of creating this differential and so so the my question is yes you can feel it a little bit but how do you I mean I we don’t have measuring instrument at this point and the mic the reason I’m bringing this up is that one of the one of the ways to do it is like if you have two balls with the reverse the inner is stronger and outer is weaker another one the inner is stronger and outer that I’m saying the reverse of the tit of waller sort of loaded river in Reverse and it’s kind of like I want to kind of create something along the line of like sons my field interacting with the Earth’s field and you see light so that’s one of the ways to see that the fields are interacting and you have light so has anybody been able to create this kind of light phenomena with the interaction of fields so then you know that that you feel the rotating and interacting physical manifestation that we are we can see I haven’t reached that level but I know the fields are rotating by feeling but beyond that I don’t know I’ll be the same but you know you can you get quite sensitive and you start feeling you know and so you change to contract as different positions whether the devices you create and you get a sense because you can detect these changes in the fields in terms of instrument instrumentation though in the community so it’s all case of trial and error yeah the thing is that if we have some idea of the range in which the light would be created or heat or sound whatever the case may be then then it’s easy to play once you know close to that range you can play around a little bit but unless you don’t if you don’t know the range in which that reaction would happen then it’s then it will require quite a bit traveler but anyway I was trying to make some educated guesses that’s why I’m talking yeah we’d all like to do that create the lights and it’s understanding you know what that light is created through the interaction of the Sun and the earth so to replicate that and understand that it’s all things that people over time I’m sure we’re although I’m quite I’ve done some experiments with listening to rotating reactors with a simple crystal radio circuit which is basically sort of like listening to static with your regular AM radio you might say but I I do a special system where this signal from the crystal radio goes into the computer and you modify the sound amplify it and change the pitch and you can actually hear sounds coming from the rotating reactors like the ones you showed there that the plastic ones they have a particular property of having a the frequency that’s given off and as you increase the speed the frequency actually increases with the crystal radio and that’s not just the motor frequency I’m talking about because even when the motors shut off or the motors totally disconnected it still produces a certain frequency and in the basically in the radio range which is in kilohertz range so there is definitely fields being given off by these rotating reactors and in ways that can be measured I mean you could also measure the sound that comes off of it as it rotates because that’s a type of field that comes off you can also feel the wind that comes off of it that’s another type of sense and you can feel it on your skin you can feel the breeze the it’s another type of vortex going on actually that’s because of its interaction with the atmosphere and there’s other types of fields that can be measured to some people measure with the y-shaped step the dowsing technique or others might use the pendulum technique and also can also be sensitive some people if I was it called the bovis spectrum I’m a Scalia and that’s I don’t know how awkward you know objectively that is but it seems to be able to it seems like the people that are good at it can tell the difference between one thing and another basically in you know differences in the field strength which is what what we’re kind of shooting for it you know I’ll just give you an example of I built three reactors and I’ll put them in my greenhouse spending these know about me turn off pod and in the mornings I would notice I would come into the greenhouse and the early morning just as the Sun is rising and I would notice that my motors were quite noisy yet if I’d go there in the afternoon they would be running very very quiet almost purring you know Restall you know gaining the evening they would end up being quite noisy sort of observed this for a few days and it’s essentially it’s the change one of the the mornings I had walked into the greenhouse and all the motors were since they were all adjusting different speeds changing changing one of them actually switched off for about 10 seconds and then switched back on again so it’s a case of you know those fuels we’re running and it set up a mass field overnight and in the morning you are walking you’re disturbing those fields and that disturbance is causing them to adjust you are coming in with your own feels and adjusting so they are having to adjust to direct with your feels and we noticed that so particularly the mornings and the evenings because the mornings is when the Sun is coming up so it’s the sun’s feels interacting with the three reactors that is changing and they having to change and adjust and it’s the same when you’re in the evening when the Sun is going down they’re having to change and react to the different bodies and the fields so that was quite a fascinating observation to to notice with the spinning of the anchors hi Jim yes hello Angelo hi can I add something here go ahead to to measure the fields that there is one and the private teaching 2015 November mr.

Align:start Keshe explained the quite the right way to measure your strings the ganses strings and how you create this Ganz’s with the things what you have from the coils so anyone who is not in the private teaching teaching I will ask him to go inside himself to the private teaching and if he is in the private teaching goes to the teachings of November 2015 and mr.

Kesh he explained very well and you can experiment it’s very it’s very easy way to to do that it’s the same thing when when you are with your Kansas if is it in the plasma a liquid plasma or dried gallons or you add the dried today to the distilled water you in the first one the plasma condition is dictate itself because it’s free and the second one when you dry it you dictate the position and the condition from what you want from it and if you put a distilled water to their dragons you are controlling the strings of it and what you want from it to to do the plasma need little bit understanding how it is interaction and what is giving and what is taking and that you can play so much thank you Jim do you want to share a little bit on what you learn from those workshops you understanding Oh a lot but unfortunately I might work and when I’m getting one minute here two minutes here quiet I can’t jump in okay and in the Friday I we learned something that you feel the the fields with your hand but also this is this is what Caroline teach and that private teaching how you you feel that fields you with your hands look the problem here when mr.

Cash teaching no one go to the teaching when Caroline teach no one go to the teaching were they only we take the the service of it to understand but no one really go to that but when someone of us teach the same thing what mr. cash said explain it okay this guy he don’t okay I can’t do it you can’t do everything just just have a little bit what you call it trust and yourself that you can do everything and all of it the teaching is very simple very very simple don’t take it as is so something come from you the university you are not fit for it or you are not in that position that you can do the teaching of mr.

Cash and Caroline and all of the teachers is very simple when you think that you learn a little bit one thing just go and do it don’t leave it until you understand everything and then you go back to it because he you will lose everything anything come to tea to your head just go and do it and at the same time if you can and then you will you will find amazing things because if you continue studying and studying and studying and you go back to what you you done you will see it in different different shape in different way you will adjust it you will add to it you will do it in different shape the main thing how what I want to say the feeling with the head where is the controller of that it’s it’s in our emotion sight in the head this is the controller now you know how to do it now you need to control it and if you want to control it you need to tap in the emotion side and even this emotion side mr.

Keshe explained it in the private teaching how you tap to the emotion side the source of your soul of man and that that is the emotion the in the private teaching there is so many things guys I really if someone is not in the private teaching go and joined the private teaching you will learn so many things thank you Jim thanks jello yeah the important point you brought up there Jalal and thanks for that we need to experiment and that’s why I named these workshops exploring plasma Sciences because without you getting your hands dirty in a way and making the plasmas and fiddling with trying this try and that you know there’s no wrong way or doing something just learned from it see what happens do it this way do it that way and you gain immense experience from that and the knowledge you have to play with this and have fun let’s that’s the bottom line so now you can’t do anything wrong Khan make mistakes it’s a case of having fun with us but you need to try and explore and can add one thing Jim please go here I really have a beautiful and fun with the fields feeling the fields in the hand it’s really joyful and it’s really funny and sometimes is scary but if you know the purpose of it you will go higher you will go to the control system and that is the emotion this is the this is the the target that you know where is your emotion set what is the control and pure emotion everything we have here cancers and reactors and amino acids it’s all tools to teach at last everything that we have it inside us once you practice it once you experience it once you make it with your hand as a ganses eyes energy as everything then you know that everything is inside you you don’t need to go out you just bring out what is inside you that’s all but since it’s exactly that you know all these are that we’ve gone through this whole process of nano coating making against and making the different devices it’s all been to show us that these fields do exist and it’s to build our confidence in interacting with these fields and knowing that we can be the one that we are creating these fuels and we are the Creator so it’s those tools down the road to help us because we sell physical as a human being but it helps us to understand that everything comes down to the energies and the fuels in that we have this enormous potential and if we can build our confidence and through the physical at first but then build their confidence in operating through our salt so it’s all just a journey in a path it will have to follow to really try and break from that our very physical environment anybody else before we move on I don’t see any other questions coming in the other I never know whether it’s a boy on her bed stop oh we have someone here hold on yes murca okay can you hear me yes we can okay great um I had a different experience I had ordered the powder Gans and I have been using them for health now can you point out exactly why I shouldn’t be and I seem to have decent results or good results but maybe I was thinking that maybe I’ve been eating the big box store pizza and I haven’t tasted a handcrafted pizza because you’re saying they’re not to be used for health I’m talking of drinking the the water off the top because it will always contain a lot more than any particles in there if you’re gonna use it in should rephrase the better but if you’re going to be using it in patches or different devices where you are not going to be consuming it then yes by all means but not to consume that odor well I I’ve made coffee and things with it and drank that just as water once it’s all precipitated out and I’ve extracted like the third off the top it seemed to work for me I don’t know if it was my intentions because I’ve made pain patches and I was always wondering why they were cool and now I know that you know there’s some plasma working when it is cool I’ve put it on the plants and they seem to be greener and more vibrant the outside plants over the summer and so maybe what Jalal said made me want to say something because I did put intentions into the powdered bits and then I just refill it up and use it that way out of like the mason jar and then I elevated it a little because I saw what John was doing by putting the gans cavity in a container in that container in a much larger container so that’s what I’ve done there if I want to tap off some ch3 water I can do that or if I want to tap off the co2 or whatever so I thought I had quite good results but again maybe I’m driving a Volkswagen and I haven’t gotten to it the problem is in the possibility of building up nanoparticles inside your body and so on this is what happens for example with the lab rats they have traces trace bits of nano particles that build up that may or may not do damage but you don’t know if you’re taking nano particles or not because the dry material just doesn’t go to the bottom like was talked about earlier and mr.

Align:start Kesh has been very adamant about this and very clear to never ingest the nano particles never they but like I but like I said it was in another container what when I put it in it’s in a glass jar and then I have it in another container so all the top of the glass jar is interacting with the bigger water and the larger container and the Gans is on the bottom of the glass jar you got to understand one thing about the Gans it’s a nano particle nano particles are actually invisible okay see them unless they’re cookin Glatt conglomerated together so what happens is some of those nano particles could be in the top layer of your water and guys see them that’s what mr.

Cash is saying okay well in that case you would have all the great effects but you would also be building up nano particles in your body and in the organs of your body which may not be beneficial this is not something that the Keshe foundation or mr. cash is Ryan experiment with with people it’s just not today but and their and their instruction of cash foundation when they send you powder they really issue that you filter it you build it and filter and you filter all the all the guys very clear you never use the dried Gans reconstituted with water internally never ever period and I just you forgot that simple role and I think it’s very clear mr.

Kesh has been very clear the cache foundation is very clear cache foundation does not want any liability from any misuse of the instructions about the dry gans which has been like I say very clear over several workshops has just talked about this and others and so on in the cache foundation and this is exactly if you wanted with it on yourself no I didn’t when I first ordered it when I was first looking at the ganses I went on the website and there was a choice between the liquid and the powder and for whatever reason I just thought they were the same and I chose the powders yeah it should be more clear that it should not be for internal use the powder was designed for to put on the coils of right I learned that later right you like but it still seemed to work on a toothache on the pain patches and so on personally I would tend to agree but as far as the policy of mr.

Align:start Kesh and right which is not trying to present in these workshops not people’s opinions of this situation Yeah right all right mr. cash is directed and I agree I think no I great I’m still I’m still learning yeah we all learned that’s that’s a big one because you know I know lots of people have had good effects especially with in just the co2 gans and so on but it also depends on what Gans are you talking about and then suddenly it people are starting to ingest some of the wrong kinds of Ganz’s and the particles are involved and so on so that’s just not a good technique to to be using stuff coils and and like the pads like was mentioned before it’s a great way to do the pads perhaps but if I replace them all with the liquid Gans that’s fine replace all the which what I’m using and instead of the powder I know I noticed neither one of them are now available at least it here you know you would have to make your own Gans right right and I’m doing that and I’m working on telling the liquid Gans at this point yes right ok very good I appreciate the clarification you could go to one of the local workshops would be a great way to to learn the proper you know if it was yep like cash workshops which are becoming more and more available to people’s local areas in the last of all I think there’s probably around maybe a hundred workshop teachers at this point spread across the world so this is good likelihood there might be one in in your area and check in the community dot Cash foundation site has the workshop map there and contacts and so on for for workshops that are coming up thank you Rick thank you Rick you’re welcome okay so we finished that section and understanding and sale or playing around and understanding the different conditions at what is creating all the time okay so one has to always thinking plasma terms and bhakti now physical science experts are always being taught alright so the next section is just to go a bit more detail on our amino acids that we’ve also collected along the way when we’ve made our guess and as you said the amino acid we keep useful in our salt solution we just over the top and building on salt so when we have a look at the amino acid structure a very basic structure we have called an oxygen hydrogen and nitrogen each one is an individual plasma and it has its own magnetosphere just like the earth and these elements are in against state ability from now I mean all we’re talking about is what is inside our body is against state not in physical state as a review from last year we have a look at the interaction of two plasmas with appeals it’s essentially the fields exiting the one magnet magnet plasmas and entering the bottom of the next one this is how they will keep the distance from each other so you have the one flowing out into the bottom the other one same instead of this flood interaction between the two and depending on the strength of either one they will keep the certain distance between each other now when you put the scene as the amino acid collectively they come together to form the amino acid structure and collectively they form a new yes fear a new mechanical gravitational field string and so this is now one plasma the plasma of the amino acid structure so as an individual carbon on its own it has its plasma and magnetosphere but in a combination an interaction of these four coming together they are forming their interior magnetosphere and that is the amino acid when we have a look at the field interaction of the two plasmas off of sodium and chlorine which is our salt for one it’s the same we have the sodium and we have the chlorines interacting just like the two magnets in again state in this plasma condition and again together they form what we know as salt and it creates a new magnetosphere a new gravitational field strength so the combination of the two and interaction of the two koreas own new strength and this is now what we call the one plasma moment so now when we look at that sort of collectively we’ve got our amino acid and we’ve got our salt and collectively they will then form a new inner sphere a new gravitational field and now this is now one placement so for example this could be a plasma of our blood in combination with an iron or it could be the pontifical combination and easier so it becomes an active dynamic plasmatic material we have to understand understanding this thing what’s really happening in the body and can’t state is it’s the interaction of the fields that come together and create and that combination together creates a new magnetosphere was what know as amino acid structure salt you know in a plasma condition we look at how much of the field which the whole of the plasma creates can connect to one another so the sodium chloride and the amino acid and it’s the fields of the two that begin to interact and find the matching bond and together they then create that new structure and so one has to start beginning to understand it’s not chemistry that we always understood leader from a understand what’s happening within our body being a plasma condition and again state when you look at these two the sodium chloride has a bigger pool of people attraction so it’s sort of the bigger magnet compared to your main asset structure and so this doesn’t allow any fields or plasma inside the meaner acids to link up with anything else so from a health perspective this is quite important to understand even when we start delving into the agricultural part we have to start looking at it on on this basis so it’s sort of essentially two players of there’s two magnets and we can view the sodium fluoride is the slightly bigger one and it has that bigger attraction and pull on our we have a desk inside we linked up with our amino acid with the salt solution so what we have to do is I just saw three men into today is a little bit of a taster because we have to start looking at everything in a plasmatic condition in the body appliance the animals and insects not anymore in a physical state on what we’ve understood as we’ve been taught is chemistry single bonds double bonds it all comes down to medic conditions where we have an interaction or people’s between the different presence and in plasmatic condition it’s every element in that structure counts as with all the sphere of its own plasma so each one in that amino acid structure even your hydrogen as its own simply plasma counts to create that structure the new plasma culture mean and nested so we need to look at how the plasma connects with each other at the atomic and atomic and molecular plasma and it’s all if you can imagine it as a sort of tiny little magnets just to try and get you mind around it all sort of interacting and forming different parts of your body so you have different players was coming together all over your heart and they all interact in connecting with each other through its many gravitational fields as tiny little magnets and each element has its own beta sphere but in combination you know one has its certain strengths when you add two and three creates a bigger strength around it so that was just a very small faithful trying to get some sort of understanding and just just to show you that one really has to start thinking from a plasma point of view and he’s a bit difficult for a lot of us that some sort of science background and I’ve had a lot of science background throughout my career and the way I and I look at it is I need to understand how the plasma correct placement worst and then I can relate it back to what I was towards in what I was told now how that might fit into this new understanding of the plasma if you try and take your science you’ve learned to transfer it into the plasma it’s not going to fit them and be very difficult to do that so one has to really understand from the plasma point of view and then you can see how everything that you’ve learned how that fits into your understanding of the plasma so it’s very difficult takes a while to start thinking purely from a plasma reporter interview that once you begin it’s like training your brain again train yourself and exercise we always start thinking from that plasma perspective and it becomes easier and easier but the minute we try and cross backwards and forwards and think from you know the metaphysical state that we’ve been taught then we just create a lot of confusion for ourselves so it’s important that we that you go and learn the signs put yourself and spend the science because it makes it a lot easier and as we sit who you’re on you understand the science you on how the person operates and you understand how you solve operating to operate your soul it’s essentially where all this is leading us as to ok so that was the end of event it was a very short brief intro into that little hole but but it just gives you some food for thought and then hopefully encourages you to wanting to learn some more and really kinda explore this new science any questions Jim this is what Rick again can you can we go back to that diagram of the two plasmas interacting when you were explaining the molecule the atomic interaction to create the molecule of solid sodium chloride when the – yes yes one flowing into the other not this one this one is the interaction between the amino acid ohmic sodium chloride I’m talking about sodium and the chlorine the interaction that you have a diagram earlier earlier than this unit yeah yeah and you had this one Magnum the magnetical going to the gravitational and the South Pole to North Pole those two airlines one with that yes that’s the one now here this is that this is the parts that’s pulling things together but to North Pole’s the the repulsion is from the two north poles at the top and the two south poles at the bottom and I mr.

Align:start Kesh who ended to this quite a bit in one of his presentation but this is the part that’s pushed pushing things away and flow from the north to the south is pulling things together am I making sense or not then I’d pop if you want I’ve got these two close together so they no no what I’m saying is that the repulsion is from between the two there is another force acting which is not there in the diagram which is the repulsive force between the South Pole and the South Pole and the North Pole and North Pole which is what’s keeping things apart and this is this is the flow that creating the flow between the two the the ones that you show yes I haven’t put those in because we respond to respond slowly okay all right and that’s the key I suppose I should put it in the whole picture any other questions I don’t see any other questions and live stream Facebook or YouTube okay anybody else here it’s no other questions and we can just call it a day last call okay I couldn’t I don’t interrupt if you’re kind of wrapped things up but I thought I could show a couple of minutes clip of sensing the fields with that crystal radio detector circuit I was discussing earlier it’s kind of fun to listen to and maybe maybe it would be interesting for people yeah okay eleven years I’ll just close up by saying that next week at the same time we’ll have dr.

Guitar that will come and present and he will be going through a loss a lot of the definitions and concepts so that we can get a better understanding of those all right go ahead Rick okay let me just get it shared here okay I think I’m good to go let me share the screen okay I’ll just begin this is it let me set it up you see the three reactors that are shown on the screen here they’re rotating and what I’ll be showing is a wooden stick with a very simple crystal radio circuit on the end of it that only has a diode and a resistor and capacitor and it’s basically the simplest circuit you can imagine and it’s hooked up to my computer to a sound application so let me play it and you’ll listen to the sound of the rotating reactors and this is not the electric motors that we’re hearing here okay let’s go ahead [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] and see that the fields actually come out like a vortex from what from this is virtually no field directly above the reactor but off to any side there is [Laughter] [Music] yeah it’s like a Taurus or field or doughnut shape yes real spot in the center it’s a toroidal form kind of like like a big donut around this brick do you think if to the sides it’s loud all the way around not in the center interesting [Music] may I speak that when I was just a second now what I was doing there was removing the charge from this fear thinking that it’s a charge fear that was rotating so I was removing it with my hand the same [Music] just go back I think I’m gonna go back to it there in a second okay yeah go ahead is that mark yes it is it sounded very similar to remember the video where he took the plants and transfer out or put it through a computer program to hear a sound don’t we have some video on that somewhere it very similar to that mmm could be this one’s gotten really strong and I don’t know why you can’t give it any logical reason they’re licensed reunited are very still are there some reasons other than it’s interesting you know in a certain ball [Laughter] [Music] it seems to be more constant in the center in undulating around the outside well there you have it and then Rick do you still get tones when the motors are off yes you can like for example I’ll I’ll put it on here and turn the motor off in fact I’ll just pull the power to two of the units and then the other one here you see which one is which yeah this this is the two of them so [Music] you can almost still hear it even when it’s really slow it’s just low frequency then they’d have to retune my audio program to pick it up [Music] quick question for you if you turned the reactor horizontal would the the toroid field that you’re picking up there would that stay would that go horizontal with the reactor or would it stay vertical with the magnetic field of the planet that’s a good question I’m pretty sure it stays with the reactor but I would like to do some experiments with the reactors align to the magnetic field of the earth and then not lying to it and so on like like you’re saying like right now it’s not it’s neither aligned nor perpendicular to the magnetic field because where I’m at and the northern part of the planet the magnetic field is actually quite an angle it goes into the ground at at almost a 45-degree angle so I would have to just tilt the whole apparatus at about 45 degrees and test that that’s a good test thank you shall we yeah Klaus had his hand up close to the bar some feedback coming through through someone’s microphone Rick can I ask something please yes go ahead hello it’s a drink how do you call this the thing that you build to to measure the field it’s a very simple crystal radio circuit and you could look up crystal radio circuit this particular one is part of it comes as an amulet actually and it’s just as the diode it’s called the one and thirty-four a diode and a capacitor and the resistor and a piece of wire and sort of a coil that goes around and I’ve just wired that up to an audio plug and the positive and negative leads of a regular eighth inch audio plug and you can see that there and in the picture close to the my hand and that wire goes back and feeds into the audio plug of the computer and then I use a program called audio hijack in order to alter the sound so that instead of either just static or a high frequency sound that we couldn’t even hear perhaps I transform the sound into something that’s easy to hear and easy to evaluate so that’s done experiments with that with crystal radio circuits if people want to check into that they can look at the playlist I have my mr.

Fixit Ric YouTube channel MRF IX I TR i ck all almond word and I’ve got a number of experiments with crystal radio circuits and so on and listening and I found out that this simple circuit can actually detect a whole raft of fields anywhere from the audio frequency right through to light frequency including the edges of ultraviolet and the infrared and the full light spectrum as well as electromagnetic spectrum as well as the magnetic spectrum all from this simple circuit so it’s quite versatile you could say and of course you get radio frequencies as well which sometimes these apparatus give off as well so there’s there’s really room for experimenting in this simple circuit it can be made modified to work even better perhaps but simplicity works better than anything else I think with this kind of system if you can have something it gives audio feedback to what you’re doing then you can make modifications and actually listen to the sound that comes back and that gives you an indication of of some difference that’s going on there like for some reason this one reactor with the ch3 had a lot more energy coming off of it than the other two so I don’t know why exactly it makes sense in the in the sense that the ch3 is our energy Gans so maybe it gives off more energy that does absolutely make sense and Rick what was in the other two reactors there was the copper oxide in the back one and the co2 gans in front one there okay so the that the copper oxide one and the this year two one they were they were more gravitational is that row perhaps you couldn’t look at it that way mm-hmm so maybe the energy that you were hearing was was was the feeding because the CH free was was the was the giver and the other two because they were more gravitational work were receiving that makes sense it makes sense that the read that the detector would pick up the fields that are given off rather than the fields that are absorbed that does make sense so the ch3 is the giver and gives off most of the fields more than the other ones then it would make sense that that’s the ends up being louder in the in the pick up are you able to somehow reverse the polarity of the antenna so you could listen to gravitational well I don’t think it works that way I mean maybe it could work that way but the idea is it seems to be that if there’s some kind of fields being given off then that’s what you would read rather than the fields that are absorbed because whatever is absorbed is by definition not given off yeah it’s sort of like a bee trying to be like trying to you know do something like reading radio waves from a radio station is one lick but trying to go back to the where the radio waves are going back to or something doesn’t quite work yes Frank did you test it with your hand with my hands yeah I’ve tested you know reactors and saw it’s my hands but I don’t always trust my just the feelings with my hands because sometimes it can be influenced by the wind that comes off or the heat or just the angle and so on so I’d like to have some sort of other kinds of feedback but you know that this kind of detector may be and entirely the wrong path in terms of feeling the fields but it does give some sort of feedback as to fields that are being given off it may not be the same fields that we feel perhaps but it’s nevertheless in some realm of fields the same as we don’t feel radio waves but there’s thousands of radio stations around us at this very moment that we could be detecting if we had a detector so which feels do we want to detect from these reactors is is the question I guess and what fields are we able to interact with with our you know human physicality and which ones do we interact with perhaps on another level altogether so these are the big questions that still need to be answered I think is also that you’re you you’ve able to show definitively a tool right field that’s absolutely fantastic well done I thought that was pretty interesting as well as the fact that it was not the electric motor that had to do with it because that was one of my initial impressions at all it’s just the electric motor and I kept using the sensor around the motor and it wasn’t picking up any noise from the motor strangely enough you think it would but it was getting it from the orb and even when the motors totally shut off and in fact it even seems to be louder when the motor shut off and and so on and you can pull the cord right out of the motor altogether and it’s nothing to do with any of the circuitry it just has to do with the rotation you could rotate it you know on a string and make it go fast enough and then just start to pick up the fields from it so I made me realize that the more we get these things away from motors and away from electrical interferences it’s probably the better some motors are quite noisy and would tend to overwhelm the signal that comes out of the reactors themselves okay hello Rick this is Klaus mm-hmm because yes whatever when you make the next test please go a little bit up 40 to 45 centimeters when I look into this this vortex opens up a little bit higher above the reactors and there you have the interference sound with nearly 40 45 centimeters above this and then you go in the scent and look at this what we hear now is the Kepler hold it’s the harmonium only it’s the sphere harmonics what you have between these reactors what I hear and see and make all the interesting experiment or experience when I make that first coatings on copper blades I to it in the box and give it in the corners I can show you this and I see in this box they were sealed and the wet condition and only the surface of one side become nano coated and the other side on the backside they have no Nana coating and we see how strong the field builds up in the center of these boxes if you want I can show you at last one picture that you understand in CDs but for the next time please try to come from the upper side in the middle and a little bit higher and then interested what you hear okay thank you close yes I remember mr.

Cash said if you if you if you if you put your hand and you wrap up you wrap the hands together then you create the you create your fields between the two hands remember that okay in chicken or when they brought their hands usually they relax they blowing the relaxed body and they rub the hands together and then between these two creates Chi energy right so it’s interesting to see when you wrap the hand and you put it and you measure it what kind of field is it what car is it like ch3 or what because sometimes for example I can I can see how what’s the length of this Chi between the hands I mean I’m used to feel it between my hands so I’m sure that there is a energy with there is plasma and maybe you can experience with a palm of the hands after you rub them together mm-hmm that seems to be one of the techniques yes a class did you want to share that the picture you were talking about before we go yes please Kennish yeah yeah you can if you try to go ahead there or okay go ahead Tori but got five no button to share here I’ve only question anxious chat and you should be able to do it now nice cloth type I did bring him in this panel there we go hi class are you back in your sure now yes Flynn says you should build this share their no okay there we go hello class you can hear me now yes we can hear you now couldn’t okay thank you it was the first picture and when I put off the ceiling and you see on the front side there’s not a cold it ah sorry I have to reshare time coming back you’re not seeing your picture yet okay and on the backside there is nothing not a coating I have to look at this picture but there’s only two free service from the copper and they are in these wet conditions and to feel this so strong like not seeing the picture right now but okay so we got the visual from your description so no and now I look at the second picture that you can see that the other side of the plates it doesn’t not none occult it but it was in this box and this will bethe condition into here and right in East Santa there is a so strong field that they can not go on the backside of the plates I have to stop and look at the other picture I come in ten seconds you still not seeing a picture ah there we go it’s quite a difference all right without hearing your audio Klaus us here no you know you can hear me only the front side was not a cult in the back said nothing it was very interesting how strong the field built up in the middle when you put the plates in the corner like this it was always in the mid and so we see also when you work with the reactors and when we work with the fields their interaction point and stare at the strongest fields where if they built up a new field I called them field ignition and then come comes new fields up and this field but building this metal was so strong that the come cannot go into the back side of this plate it’s only my experience thank you very good thank you thanks Gosling’s best money second to Jimmy I think I have shown you this pictures two years before then and the Rosengarten collections I remember okay for today yeah I think we’re done thank everybody for attending thank you Flint and Vince and Ric in the background a thank you very much yeah it’s a great first first session here thanks Jim thank you very much Jim thank you Jim so be same time same place next week this has been the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute public teaching for Monday February 5th 2018 with Jim McDonald exploring plasma science don’t forget coming up tomorrow afternoon with us before p.m.

Central European Time is our 26th one nation one planet One race for world peace public meeting and of course you can always catch more of Rick and his reactors there with the cash plasma reactor group that’s Wednesday mornings at a.m. Central European Time thank you very much yes thank you so I’ll be the end of this session today he’ll be a little bit of music here I’ll finish up the streaming [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music].

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