It’s strange what one can find in the Bible own codes

Publisert 3. mar. 2015
I was asked to address the timing of the rapture ,shmetah, war, and the years 2015-2016.

True Image of Jesus Christ Revealed & It’s Not What You Ever Imagined!

Publisert 25. jan. 2015

There are many images put before us that condition our minds about the appearance of Jesus Christ. Let’s take a look, Biblically and historically speaking, at what Jesus Christ would have really looked like.

Be aware for the purposes of not being fooled. However, most importantly, it isn’t what Jesus looked like that matters most, but what He did on the cross when He suffered, gave His life, and sweated blood—He died for our sins once and for all so that our eternal person would not have to. Repent of all sin today and confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior…before it is too late!

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