Confirmed!! Comet Coming This Way!! September 2015 – Are You Prepered

Published on Aug 11, 2015 Commet Coming September 2015…

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This video was from the Linda Kirby channel (which was accidentally taken down today).

If you know someone in that area – You have to tell them – Then They can do what they have to do out from what they feel is right

My email to Linda:
Hi Linda,
Thank you for the latest video with the warning about the comet coming in September. I hope you don’t mind me asking a few more questions…Have you been in correspondence at all more with this person to verify that the email did indeed come from her? I know people have been sending fake emails in my name and can imagine they would do that to other people as well. Has she written to you in the past using the same email address? Are you able to write to her YouTube or Facebook account just to verify with her that the email did in fact come from her? So sorry for all the questions… I just want to verify as much as possible about this before I pass along any info to others. If this is not a hoax, and you are certain that this info did indeed come from this Christian lady, I think it’s important to get this info out to more people asap.

Linda’s response:
Renee, she and I have been corresponding via email only for now. She told me on her own accord without me asking her, that her dad came home last night and sat the family down with this info. She was dumb founded and had to write me. She is one of my news letter subscribers. She said he told her that Jade Helm is about prepping for the aftermath of the asteroid. She said it was due in Sept. but he didn’t give a date. She said he saw the doc. at DHS, where he has high security clearance. I looked on her posts to make sure she wasn’t a troll and all her posts for as far back as I could go were all Christ-like. She saw all my persecution on the comments and felt very bad for that cuz she felt responsible for having given me the info. She said, she will ask her dad again when she sees him, if there was a date. She said they have known since 2010 and have been prepping since. She said it’s been behind the sun so very difficult to find. However, I’ve seen videos today that someone put links on my video comments of a very bright sun like object in the sky…2 videos I saw. So, I don’t know more. I can’t verify if this info is 100% accurate. I know what the Lord told me about the asteroid so if this will open some eyes, I’m happy. I trust it because it matches exactly what the Lord told me. My spirit did NOT tell me NOT to trust it. So, I went with it after checking her out as much as I could. Now if she’s a plant, of sorts, why would she confirm my info? Wouldn’t a gov. plant, want to disprove it? After all, I’m already on record as saying the Lord told me about this asteroid so why would a gov. plant want to back me up? See what I mean? I don’t know…I just did what I felt was right. I know the asteroid is coming and that’s what the Lord told me and He wanted me to warn the people. I guess He knew only the true believers would believe it and the rest will perish in this disbelief…I don’t know.

Yes, this needs to get out because if people on the east coast can get inland to higher ground, lives can be saved….at least for a short time. I’m not sure that’s where the asteroid will hit tho, it’s where everyone is dreaming about it hitting. He/Lord, didn’t tell me where it would hit. If they are left behind, perhaps this asteroid impact will bring them to Christ and they will at least go to heaven when they die. So, yes, please share if you don’t mind the persecution you will get. This video brought out every troll and “Christian” hater there is. I bet 10% were good remarks while the rest were hate filled. So, that’s your call hun!! Thanks you so much.


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