Aylan his dad “has deceived the whole world” – pointed out that human trafficking


By drowning accident in which the three-year Aylan Kurdi died and washed up on the beach in Turkey, did not go quite as the boy’s father Abdullah Kurdi has claimed. This tells the refugee Zainab Abbas who lost two children in the accident, in an interview to Australian media. According to her was a human smuggler and Kurdi responsible for the trip when the boat went around.

-Yes, it was Abdullah Kurdi who brought the boat, tells Abbas to the Australian news channelNetwork Ten, through his cousin Lara Tahseen yesterday.

Abdullah, who was on the way to Europe to get free dental health in Sweden, the lid with Zainab Abbas on the journey through to refer to the great safety on board.

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-He said that the journey was going to be safe because he took with both his wife and their children on board, “she said.


Abbas his twelve-year-old daughter Zainab and eight-year-old son Haidar was stuck beneath the small boat when it capsized right off the Turkish coast to the Aegean Sea and drowned while her daughter Rawan survived.

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According to the Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph, which among other things, citing the Wall Street Journal, Abdullah Kurdi refused to be a human smuggler, but has admitted that he iallefal towards the end of the journey was the one that steered the boat.

Turkish authorities have arrested four Syrian men suspected of several offences in connection with the accident that took the lives of 12 people. Abdullah Abbas is not one of them.


Zainab Abbas said on his page that his father Aylan Kurdi is lying and that she is sure that it was responsible for Kurdi the boat during the entire journey and that he and another man shared on the money.

-I lost my children, my life. How can he stand and lie in the media, “she said.

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The sea route between Turkey and the Greek island of Kos is just four kilometers long, and during the summer the water is warm, the visibility good and the weather often wind. Anyway perish in the area as immigrants regularly due to poor discipline, lack of reputation and little or no expertise in the sea.For example, used Abdullah Kurdi and his passengers do not flow to the West.


According to Shafaq News, a newspaper for Iraq and kurdistan, so to her aunt to Zainab and Haidar have told the newspaper during the funeral that Abdullah Kurdi to have been very high on alcohol during the flight.