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Published on Mar 1, 2016
From February 26 to 29 unprecedented levels of carbon monoxide were measured over the entire West Coast with peak levels exceeding 40.000 ppb! This activity follows earlier unrest including a mini-tsunami on the coast of Washington State on January 16. Officials claim that there is no reason for concern, but adding up the signals from nature, we better be prepared for large seismic movement in the area.
One possible time frame for a large seismic event is March 30th and the magnitude could be as high as or even exceeding magnitude 9.0 This is not fear mongering but merely an observation of planetary alignments. A similar line-up of planets in recent years has caused earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from 8 to 9.

Carbon Monoxide Spikes to 40,000 Parts Per Billion over West Coast on February 26…

Ongoing Larger Seismic Activity Along the West Coast
(reported February 24):…

(reported February 10):…

Planetary Alignments during recent M8 to M9 earthquakes:…

Can Earthquakes Be Predicted?

Earthquakes Forecast Track Record:…


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Published on Feb 28, 2016
An active undersea volcano off the Oregon Coast has apparently begun a new eruption — an event which was predicted by two scientists months ago. Based on a swarm of thousands of earthquakes and a seafloor drop of 8 feet, the eruption of the submarine volcano called Axial Seamount commenced on April 24. The apparent eruption was observed by scientists in real time, with the help of high-tech instruments installed by scientists at the University of Washington. “It was an astonishing experience to see the changes taking place 300 miles away with no one anywhere nearby, and the data flowed back to land at the speed of light through the fiber-optic cable connected to Pacific City — and from there, to here on campus by the Internet, in milliseconds,” Washington oceanogoraphy professor John Delaney said in a statement. The volcano is located along the boundary between two tectonic plates — the Pacific Plate and the Juan de Fuca plate — about 300 miles west of Oregon.

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