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Immortality of Consciousness – Metascience Research by George Meek

Publisert 27. okt. 2014
Rare lecture presented by George Meek at the International Forum On New Science in Colorado 1991. George reports the results of his research on life after life, planes of existence, astral body, his OOBE, trans-communication from his deceased wife Jeannette, ITC experiences with William O’Neil and the Spiricom device, and much more.


George W. Meek was a retired industrialist who had revolutionized the air conditioning industry and had made a small fortune on a series of patents. With a commanding presence at six-foot-three, he possessed a powerful intentionality that was apparent whether watching him march straight to the podium for a speech or whether observing him quickly chunk down a complex research project into tasks that he could delegate to his staff. Like all men of good character, George had learned to still that little inner voice that advocates bad choices from day to day, until the voice had become weak and ineffective. He had learned to make the right choices again and again until they had become habit. Over the years his intentionality had shaped a comfortable and pleasant lifestyle for his family. It had also spurred the creation of the Metascience Foundation (Meek’s highly regarded, nonprofit enterprise to analyze the human spirit from a scientific angle).

As he had planned for many years, George retired on his sixtieth birthday to fulfill a lifelong dream. He began traveling the world with his wife Jeannette to explore the deepest and richest spiritual truths hidden along the backroads of the Twentieth Century world. Something inside of him was driving him to get to the bottom of life’s mysteries. He organized and funded research teams of medical doctors and scientists to travel to the forests of Southeast Asia, to crowded hospitals in China, and elsewhere in the world to observe such phenomena as energy healing and the use of acupuncture as a sole painkiller during major surgery.

George was intrigued by the life energies that bristled and surged below the surface of our physical world (beyond the range of our five physical senses, and for the most part beyond the range of our scientific and technical instruments). George knew that these invisible energies played a major part in our lives and in our world, but most people didn’t even know they existed. Even science didn’t acknowledge their existence, and that made George uncomfortable. He committed himself to proving the existence of life energies — of spiritual reality — to a skeptical world.

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Vortex Physics – The Superfluid Universe

Toroidal Vortex Flow – Heart Beat of the Universe

The Extended Mind – Mind Beyond the Brain (Sheldrake Series #3)

Publisert 2. okt. 2014
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake talking about recent (as of 2011) evidence for his theory of the extended mind. The theory predicts that mind (i.e. consciousness) is a field of influence extending beyond the brain and the body, and is based on the observation of mental phenomena such as telepathy and mental influence at a distance. In western cultures these concepts meet strong controversy, but in Asian cultures they have become common sense and are known since ancient times. In China they find applications such as qigong therapy, qigong remote healing, feng shui, and many others, including communication with the dead. The Chinese use a different terminology for the energy fields but with a little fantasy the parallels to morphic fields become obvious. For comparison, I have shared a relevant qigong therapy manual excerpt here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3a9js7m5krw5x3h/ChineseMedicalQigongTherapyExtractedFromChapter2.pdf

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